Anesthesiologist arrested for stealing narcotics

Melissa Green

SHOW LOW — Police busted a contracted certified nurse anesthetist at Sunrise Ambulatory Surgery Center who was allegedly stealing narcotic drugs from two medical facilities.

Melissa A. Green, 40, of Lakeside, was arrested Feb. 27, charged with felony theft, fraud, possession (theft) of narcotic drugs and possession (theft) of dangerous drugs. Police said

Green was captured on hospital video cameras entering the room where narcotic drugs are kept at Summit Healthcare where she allegedly stole liquid fentanyl. Green also admitted to taking other bottles of partially used fentanyl from Sunrise. Police said she reportedly told investigators that she snorted some of the fentanyl both at work and at home, and that she injected it. Police said Green admitted being a drug addict. Police said they also found the prescription narcotic drug Midazolan in her possession without a prescription, along with used syringes for injecting fentanyl and multiple empty bottles of fentanyl in her home.

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Is this a tragedy? Yes? Should this person be crucified? NO!! Statistically speaking 1 in 5 anesthesia providers will divert in their career. Her stealing was secondary to her addiction, not her moral character. We as a nation, need to pull our head out of the sand and rehabilitate and help those in need. There is hope!!


NO Excuses....She put patients at risk and should face that punishment. Had any patient suffered? Did she only give half a documented dose to patients and take the rest herself???!!! No matter what, everything we do is a choice. She chose to steal and use. With those statistics maybe anesthesia providers or all providers should undergo regular drug testing.


Obviously you do NOT understand addiction. The fact that you used the word "choice" is validity of this. Please try to be sensitive to the issue. I at no time said there shouldn't be consequences. I speak from personal experience. Rehabilitation is 100% possible. Addiction is a disease. Very little of it has to do with choice. What if she or anyone else had gone in for a procedure (broken arm) and someone prescribed an opioid/narcotic based pain killer. Then, do to taking it (as prescribed), she/anyone else became addicted. Is it then as simple of a choice as you're trying to say? NO. It would be like me saying, don't breath. You can't do it nor anyone else. At that point, the choice is gone. You will gasp for air. For addicts, their body is just the same. Hence, she should have the opportunity for rehabilitation. This issue isn't as simple as you'd like it to be.

The common ground we stand on is this: with the high rate/incidence of diversion among anesthesia providers, regular drug testing seems common sense.


Melissa was an amazing crna. I hope that she gets the helps she needs to rehab from the addiction she has. If patients suffered from meds that she stole I’m sure they will account for that in her charges, it sounds like she’s been cooperative. She most likely will lose her license to practice. I do believe that treating her underlying problem of addiction first would help her in the long run instead of just locking her up and leaving her incarcerated for years without the chance of rehab.

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