Paying it forward

Catllemen’s Steakhouse and Lounge owners Tiffany (second from left) and Tim Cywinski are on a quest to give back to the community. “Since our card services merchants’ fees are so high we have decided we would much rather encourage customers to pay cash and donate 5% of their ticket to a local charity of the month.” Tiffany said “In May we chose to donate to Sue’s Crew. We presented them a check for $413. June’s charity will be Walking Down Ranch for Veterans.” Cattlemen’s posted the June charity announcement on their Facebook page and the announcement made an impact internationally. “We had a lady from London, England so inspired by our post that she made a donation from overseas.” Cywinski added, “Then we had another couple that didn’t have enough cash on hand to pay for their meal but kicked in $20 towards Walking Down Ranch.” Cattlemen’s would like to see more businesses do the same thing. “If we could get every business on the mountain to take a portion of their cash transactions and donate to local charities that keep their money on the mountain. Imagine the impact that would have.” Non-profit organizations wanting to request to be Cattlemen’s charity of the month should stop by the hostess station at the restaurant for the necessary paperwork. Cattlemen’s is located at the junction of Highway 260 to Pinetop/Lakeside and the East Deuce of Clubs in Show Low. Also pictured with Tiffany, from left, Cattlemen’s General Manager, Mysia Dean, Sue’s Crew’s Jim Hillebrecht and Shaun Ulvestad.

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