SHOW LOW — Police are working 60 cases of serious criminal damage that detectives believe were perpetrated by juveniles.

So far two 17-year-old Show Low males and a 17-year-old Lakeside male, along with a 16-year-old Show Low male juvenile, have been arrested and charged with criminal damage related activity that allegedly occurred between Dec. 19 and 26 during which the boys reportedly participated in either shooting out or smashing out vehicle glass, residential windows and windows of local business at least 60 times.

So far the estimated damage in total comes to around $50,000 and could go higher because police are still looking for more possible victims and maybe more people who may have been involved in causing the damage.

And the estimated $50,000 in damages is a low one.

The actual cost of any restitution, which will likely be part of any agreement between suspects and prosecutors, can be significantly more.

Arizona law allows for compensation of more than just the windows themselves that were smashed out.

“For a violation of subsection A, paragraph 5 of this section, in determining the amount of damage to property, damages include reasonable labor costs of any kind, reasonable material costs of any kind and any reasonable costs that are attributed to equipment that is used to abate or repair the damage to the property,” Arizona Revised Statute 13-1602 states.

Then there is the possibility of victims suing the parents of the juveniles convicted of the criminal damage.

Arizona law allows victims of juvenile crimes to sue the parents for up to $10,000 for each willful or malicious act the juvenile committed according to Arizona Revised Statute 12-661.

The cost of restitution that might come as a result of any such suits could be high for those parents.

It will be up to Navajo County prosecutors to decide who to charge and with what crimes once the ongoing investigation is over.

The Independent consulted with a local attorney about the possible ramifications the juveniles could face.

Prosecutors have the option of charging each defendant with a felony if there is evidence they caused at least $1,000 damage per incident in which they participated.

That means if they choose to file charges now against the four juveniles arrested so far, the charges could be either misdemeanors of felonies depending on whether prosecutors choose leniency or to play hard ball.

Authorities could also temporarily dismiss the charges thus far, wait until the boys turn 18 and charge them as adults. Law enforcement has one year from an incident to file misdemeanor charges and seven years to file felony charges, so they have time on their side to wait for the suspects to reach adulthood.

If the per incident damage is less than $250 per incident, the suspects could only be charged with misdemeanor crimes.

But that is unlikely given the cost of replacing even small residential and business windows, let alone the cost of auto glass like a windshield that involves at least 60 different incidents.

Police ask anyone who thinks they may have been a victim of these crimes, or knows of anyone involved in committing them, to call the SLPD at 928-537-5091 and ask for Sgt. Butora who is one of the investigators in the case.

Reach the reporter at

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Well the thing to remember is that these are kids. In my opinion, this is a turning point in their lives. We as adults need to ponder the question, do we want them to turn to crime or do we want them to turn their lives around and be a good son, husband and father in the future. Since it would be unlikely that all these boys would become "good law abiding citizens" if we throw the book at all of them with the same maxium adult charges, its almost a guarantee they all will become hardened criminal within 10 years. I think that all charges and fines should be juvenile or misdemeanors. Make these kids tow the line, have them get trained in replacing windows, get them doing the labor to replace those windows. And a lot of community service. Of course they will be responsible for the payment plans for fines and restitution, not their parents. If they are old enough to drive, then they can pay their own fines and fees. They smashed those windows not their parents.


Screw that. These young adults need to be used as examples. And where were there parents? Maybe the parents need some charges against them also. And what time of day did this happen

? Past curfew I am sure. You must be a relative. A turning point. They knew right from wrong. Time to stop coddling children.


These are kids in a small town with not much to do especially during the winter when its cold so maybe the town should invest in something for kids and young adults to do during the winter to prevent this from having again some like a REC center or something of that nature. These kids, if they get tried as adults, lifes will be ruined, the wont be able to get any reasonable jobs in they're future. These kids made a mistake, they will pay for it, but for them to have they're life screwed over like that is just wrong!!


You are just being a Karen because based on your other comments on other stories this is your place to complain because you can't complain on Facebook because people can come back at you but you come here to hide behind the screen to complain about literally everything am I wrong, or am I right???


No! I know some of the parents and they are amazing citizens and great parents. You can be a helicopter parent to your teens and then how adjusted to life would they be? Kids make mistakes. Some of these kids have had hardships that were out of their hands...or their parents'! This could truly ruin their abilities to be amazing assets to society and destroy aspirations. That would result in many going through a downward spiral to mental health issues and set them on a path to criminal activity. Why can't we help our youth rather than hurt them.

My husband has an amazing career that helps people in amazing ways. He also vandalized the streets of Show Low long before cameras were in place. He wouldn't have the amazing life h has now...and so many others he has helped....if security cameras existed at the time.

Karen, please come back to reality and have some grace. It would suit you well.


That’s MtnWitch’s go to lol if you don’t agree she calls you a relative.


ah Poor babies. Did my opinion hurt you. These are young adults. Almost full grown adults. Nothing to do in a small town so lets DESTROY private property. Funny. All my kids did just fine growing up and didn't destroy anything. So didn't many others. These "children" need to be made examples. Or maybe you are happy and proud and giving them a ride to Oregon where they can really participate in some real carnage.


Facebook? I don't do facebook. I have a real life and don't sit on my phone complaining on social media platform about how messy my house is and I just can't keep up with the mess my kids are making. I also don't coddle children who are destroying private property. Maybe you are the Karen. Maybe you were with them? Who knows. Lets have YOUR private property destroyed and see if you change your mind.


My private property was destroyed and I still agree not to ruin their future. They should pay every cent back plus some, they should do so much community service they barf, but don’t destroy their future over a teenager mistake.


A teenage mistake? Um I raised 6 children and not one did those things. Neither did my siblings and I. Nor many many others. If you call purposely destroying $50k worth of property a mistake then you have way bigger issues than what you think and so glad I do not know you in real life. They commuted Class 4 FELONIES! That is not some teenage mistake.


Unlikely they will pay!

They have no money.


I just want to say we are living in one of the richest times in history and children are being encouraged by movies and television to 1. be victims 2. commit crimes 3. have no morals. Mtnwitch is right. Maybe a tax on Hollywood could go toward getting kids off lazy making devices WHOOPS too late with COVID and coming crash of the dollar. Oh well.


vickthechick3....totally agree on 1,2 and 3...i miss the days when bad meant “bad”


A mistake would have been one or two windows, 60 acts of vandalism is not a mistake. They are old enough to know they were breaking the law. They are almost old enough to vote so they absolutely knew what would happen if they got caught.


[ohmy] give them a break?! are you guys seriously even talking about giving them a break? once is a “mistake”, anything after that is a juvenile delinquent and a criminal in the making, you better nip it at the bud now, because they got away with it multiple them a break ain’t gonna make them feel the pain they gave to those ppl that now have to fix their property? I got caught stealing at Sears once and that’s all it took to put me on the straight and narrow, also your karen stabs are actually you guys in this scenario, i’m on team mtnwitch....


Thank you Bartyboy!


btw, the penal system isn’t designed to turn ppl into hardened criminals or ruin the rest of their lives, there’s alot of ppl that have gone through it, including me, and if it doesn’t “scare them straight”, like me, then it’s how they were raised by the parents or they are just bad seeds and now society has to put up with them, which sucks big time, what we need is another Australia and send them there to be with their own kind 😆


i have one more comment sorry, i love going up to Payson and camp/fish at Willow Springs and Woods Canyon, there was a family that came in and enjoyed the fishing and the store to buy snacks and hot chocolate, i was fishing and a few of the younger ones decided to fish, next to me and around me, which was no problem, but when they left they threw the styrofoam cups and empty bags where they sat, graffitied a forest sign while the parents/adults saw them do it, the adults did not give a yoohoo what they did and they all drove off, i picked up their mess as good as i could.

i’m a filipino that loves this country and is sad to see that young people here seem to have more rights and control than the adults?!....if i or my siblings were ever to do something like that? ohh you better run faster than mom!!!


Thank you Bartyboy. Hollywood is about creating victim identity and disrespect in young people for history and their parents. This helps further an agenda that promotes a lot of things. In the olden days people threw trash right out their window a lot more in the 70s or so I think. Attitudes those young folk are learning are not wise and they will learn eventually I think.


You’re very welcome VicktheChick3! let’s hope they learn eventually, what is surprising to me is someone wants to build a REC center, wow why not build a Starbucks and McDonalds next to the REC center, that will really help these juveniles!? “hey let’s go slash some tires dudes, maybe we’ll get a Six Flags theme park!”.....that is why i posted “now society has to deal with them” that’s today’s society’s cure for bad behavior, coddle them...throw money at the situation and it will magically get fixed.

You’re police dept. have better things to do than deal with juveniles that were not taught correctly, the right and wrong things to do, yes they may have parents that are great people, but a lot of things happen behind closed doors, don’t assume great people make great kids....i applaud your police dept. may charge them as adults, they are using what is already there as an option instead of throwing money at it...i hope good comes out of this issue, i was blown away to read that report, i was actually trying to find a fishing report for Willow Springs. Good luck and God bless you all.


OK last post! Mike Leiby, you are a awesome reporter and i love the way you type the report with the spaces between paragraphs/sentences, it helped me think and absorb what i just read, then go to next subject/’s an awesome concept that i makes me focus on the issue, plus your report is spot on with no extra wording.

No i am not related to him, unless he was in the Phillipines in 1960? LOL....

sorry for hi-jacking the post and giving Mr. Leiby my respect....

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