SNOWFLAKE — We had double the attendance at our Open House held Saturday, Aug. 31, that we expected based on the RSVP’S. It is a good thing we graded a large portion of our land for parking because there was well over 100 cars. We believe it was between 300-350 people throughout the day.

We are so pleased with the turnout, meeting the wonderful people from the surrounding communities, visitors from the Valley and even California. So many were surprised at the size and scope of the rescue. Of course the article (Rimson’s rescue in Friday, Aug. 23 edition) in the paper introduced us to new people too.

The rescue’s office building is almost complete but it needs the interior ceiling insulated and electricity so we can run the computer, printer, etc. which will allow us to have more volunteer help. We also needed to bury water and electric lines for all the water troughs and out-buildings because last year I got pneumonia dragging 150-foot hose from trough to trough in subzero weather, then bringing it in the house so it wouldn’t freeze. With the funds raised we will be able to put in the water and electric in all areas needed and we will have some to replenish our emergency food fund to help equine owners in times of urgent need.

Unlike small animal shelters, people do not realize the rescue was at our home and not open to the public so having this open house was quite an undertaking and we felt with so many wanting to meet Rimson and the other equine, the time was right to do so and we are humbled by the response. For those who would like to make a donation to help us continue our mission of helping provide loving care for equine in need, visit website and thank you so very much.

Christine Griffin is the founder and president of Equine WellBeing Rescue of Snowflake.

Christine Griffin is founder and president of Equine WellBeing Rescue of Snowflake.

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