The Navajo County Sheriff's Auxiliary volunteers held their annual membership meeting at the Taylor Fire Department July 30. The Sheriff's Auxiliary volunteers was formed in Nov. 1990 after Elwin Shryock and Walter Maxwell, from White Mountain Lake, approached Sheriff Butler in 1989 about starting the program. Maxwell was a member of the Sheriff's Auxiliary Voluntary Program in Pima County and knew it could benefit Navajo County.

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Pictured from left: SAV Corporation Betty Sloan, president; Vern Terry, Dottie McDonald, secretary; and Lt. Bob Sutton, sheriff’s office liasion. Not shown Ellis Nesset, treasurer.

Sheriff’s award presented from left: Commander Steve Ebert, Lt. Bob Sutton, SAV Betty Sloan, Sheriff Gary Butler, Chief Deputy Greg Eaverson.

The members donated many hours each year, not only to the Sheriff’s Office, but to all the law enforcement agencies throughout the county. During this meeting members vote the following members to serve on the corporate board. President Betty Sloan, Vice president Vern Terry, Secretary Dottie McDonald and Treasurer Ellin Nesset.

The following awards were handed out to the members of the S.A.V. by the Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s award was presented to Betty Sloan, who has been the S.A.V. Corporate President for the past two years.

Volunteer of the year plaques were presented to Betty Powers from Heber/Overgaard Unit, Thomas Allen from High Country unit and Betty Sloan from the White Mountain Lake unit.

Longevity pins were given to those volunteers who have served more than five years with the S.A.V. and the following three members received the longevity pins, Dwight Cluff, Karen Cluff, and Arthur Meyer all from the Heber/Overgaard unit.

Certificate of Achievement are awarded by the unit directors for both first year volunteers and for volunteers with more than one year. Efrain Quihuis and David Warren, from the Heber/Overgaard unit received the certificates for less than one year. Ralf Kurzhals from the Heber/Overgaard unit and Connie Self and Thomas Allen from the High Country Unit received the certificates for more than one year.

Jan Gibbert from High Country unit received a certificate for 2,500 hrs. of volunteer time and Ruby Shryock from the White Mountain unit received a certificate for 7,500 hours of donated time.

Ruby Shryock was in the first academy to be put on by the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office in November of 1990, and has been with the S.A.V. ever since. She not only works out in the field but makes two trips a week to Holbrook to assist in the records department.

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