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Eagar Police Department Officers, from left: Maly, Casillas, Richardson and Jones sport new ballistic vests and helmets purchased via a Firehouse Subs grant.

EAGAR — One of the town’s police officers succeeded in getting a grant for ballistic vests and head protection to better safeguard officers in the police department.

Thanks to a $4,961 Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation grant, the department now has six rifle-rated ballistic vests and six military-grade ballistic helmets.

Officer Will Gleeson took on the challenge of researching the requirements and writing a grant proposal to the Firehouse Subs Foundation to purchase the vests and helmets.

Gleeson said he heard back in July of this year that the Eagar PD had been awarded the grant for up to $4,961.

After the vests were purchased from AR500 in Phoenix and the helmets from Hard Head Veterans of Boulder, Colorado, the bill came to only $4,740.

“We are thankful to Firehouse Subs for partnering with law enforcement in our communities to improve public safety. This is a win for the citizens we serve,” Gleeson said.

More and more often police are being confronted by people with military-grade weapons that fire rounds capable of penetrating some ballistic vests that in years past would have stopped non-military grade weapons.

Military-grade weapons are now commonly available on the open market, and it is much easier for law-abiding gun owners and criminals to purchase them, hence the need for law enforcement to have ballistic vests and helmets rated to stop bullets, although the vests and helmets cannot offer 100 percent protection.

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There is a name typo of one of the officers. The first officer in the picture, is Maly. Hopefully, you're able to correct it to show the proper respect to him for Everything he does in/for our community. Thank you :-)

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