Western Drug named best gun store in state

Employees of Western Drug in Springerville wear this T-shirt that advertisizes the fact that when other gun stores are out of ammo, they aren't. It was that fact, among many others, that Arizona Outdoorsman magazine rated Western Drug as the best gun store in the state.                             

SPRINGERVILLE — Readers of the Arizona Outdoorsman magazine rated Western Drug as the best gun store in the state.

Sporting goods manager Rick Nathan said he was surprised to find out the news as he didn’t know anything about it ahead of time. He did say they won recognition as the number one fishing store last year.

One of the reasons for the award was the wide variety and amounts of guns and ammunition the store always has on hand. Customers come from all over Arizona and from Oklahoma, New Mexico and Texas just to buy at the store.

Nathan said the main reason customers like their store is because of the friendly customer service provided.

“We know everyone’s names, their families, and what they like,” said Nathan. “We create a fun atmosphere and we know these guns inside and out.”

Another reason is that since the gun control issues and regulations have increased, there is a scarcity of some guns and ammo around the country, but usually not at Western Drug. Nathan said the only ammo they are currently out of is .22-caliber long rifle, but everyone is. He also said that they carry guns that others do not because they deal directly with the companies and have been doing business with them for decades.

It seems that Western Drug is famous for a lot of things, as they are pretty well-known around the country. It was recently reported that some customers will fly their planes to the Springerville Airport just to shop at Western Drug.

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