Benjamin Thomas

Benjamin B. Thomas, 82, of Glen Mills, Pennsylvania died March 16, 2020, at Rose Court in Maris Grove. Born in Danville, Pennsylvania, he was raised in Shamokin, Pennsylvania, graduating from Shamokin High School class of 1955.

Ben earned his bachelor's of science from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in 1959 and his master of natural science from Eastern New Mexico University in 1972. He has resided in the Maris Grove Community for the past 14 years, previously residing in Pinetop-Lakeside, for 40 years.

A school teacher in science, Benjamin taught for the Blue Ridge School District in Arizona for 35 years retiring in 1999. Devoted to his faith, Ben was a member of the Grace Lutheran Church in his younger years and recently a member of the Reformation Lutheran Church in Media, Pennsylvania. He served on the Stewardship committee at church. He also was a Mason and a member of the Masonic Lodge 255 F&AM in Shamokin.

Ben was involved and active with the Boy Scouts of America, where he also earned his Eagle Scouts Award. In addition, Ben enjoyed the outdoors.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Benjamin F. and Martha Wagner Thomas.

He is survived by a brother, Lee Thomas and his wife Mildred; nieces, Sandra Leebold and Susan Thomas and nephew, Lee Thomas Jr.

A memorial service to be announced at a later date at the Maris Grove Chapel, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. Interment will be held privately at Odd Fellows Cemetery in Shamokin, Pennsylvania. Donations in his memory may be made to Maris Grove Benevolent Fund, 200 Maris Grove Way, Glen Mills, PA 19342. Online condolences may be made by visiting

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Now class... The original Mr. T had an intriguing class with many hands on activities. When most of education was out of book, lecture, or an amazing devise known as a projector. He had us dissecting worms, Giant Grasshoppers, running blood test (Ouch!), and working with pulleys. He was constantly driving students all across Arizona and New Mexico for field trips. The JH Science club was on of the most successful academic programs every year. I remember an intro to electronics that began with a loud crack, everyone was startled. He calmly said"Now class... that is not the way to connect a parallel circuit."

He intro to the nervous system involved pulling out his starter pistol, leveling it at Scott McCabe, and pulling the trigger. Scott reeled back so hard he and his chair slowly fell backwards... landing flatly on his back. Silence filled the room until we realized he had not been shot, then we couldn't stop laughing. providing imaginative educational experiences, while they don't always go as planned, is hard work. The long hours of coaching and supporting every athletic or extra curricular event at Blue ridge Junior High showed his commitment to his students. Not every Junior high student would appreciate his efforts, but I did. I went on to teach Science at several local schools and I owe him for sparking my interest. As a colleague at Blue Ridge, he was instrumental in his efforts to help teachers improve science education with organizing trips to the Arizona Science Teachers Association. As I look back, I know he wasn't always appreciated by others as a "favorite teacher", but his impact on our community is underestimated. - Kenny Cail

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