Bill Gorman

William Martin Gorman was born on September 22, 1953 in Auburn, California. He was raised in an environment which was far from traditional and would have led many to lead an unconventional life, but he became skilled at a young age to use what he had to create an ideal life for himself and those around him. He accepted the Lord into his life at age 17.

Bill embraced the thrill of his college years by spending time traveling and adventuring with friends, while also keeping up with his schooling in order to pursue a degree in the sciences and religion at Grand Canyon University which he received in 1975. He then went on to receive his master’s in agriculture from ASU in 1981. After his schooling had finished, Bill became an ordained pastor and went down to Mexico to do missionary work by means of leading worship with the communities and assisting in the construction and building of churches. Throughout his years of working for the state of Arizona, Bill maintained a management position for Arizona border stations, where he also had a hand in the creation of agricultural regulations and standards for Arizona. He later went on to be a “Cactus Cop”, where he policed the theft and mistreatment of the local saguaro cactus population.

In 1985, Bill married his true love, Virginia, whom he would be married to for the next 35 years prior to his passing.

He is survived by his wife; Virginia, his three children; Ashley (32), Douglas (31), and Savanna (29), and his three grandchildren; Jacen (15), Rayne (13), and Camilla (11 months).

Bill was a man who would do anything for his family. The love they shared, along with the memories and the prayers will never be forgotten. He was the type of person who would drop anything and go to any length to help his neighbor. He did extensive work worth the church, including manual labor, outreach, and assistance with retreats to spread the word of God.

Although at times a procrastinator, Bill was the type of man who could and would do anything he set his mind to. He learned how to do every possible thing he could just by reading books, watching videos, and every other way he could think to educate himself. He was very proud of the things he built and the progress he made, but he would never flaunt it. He was a self-taught mechanic, plumber, electrician, mason, landscaper, fisherman, and so many other things but most of all, he was a giver, a provider, a protector, and the world’s greatest father and husband, with a love for the outdoors and the patience of a saint.

His family is eternally grateful for all he has done for them. The love he shared, along with the care and dedication he provided will never be forgotten. He is with us in our memories, his body is no longer in pain, and his soul is at rest with the Lord.

Owens Livingston Mortuary of Show Low handled the arrangements.

For those who have special memories and would like to send private condolences or sign the online guest book, visit the website at

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