David Reidhead

On the 23rd of September 2020 in St. George, Utah, David Arthur Reidhead ran out of pages in his log book!

Born in Snowflake, Arizona on January 4, 1944 to Arthur and Rose Reidhead, David was the oldest of nine children. David grew up working with family in and around the log woods, he loved it! He graduated from Safford High in 1962, shortly after David married Philis Allen and they were blessed with seven children: Brent Allen Reidhead (deceased), Todd and (Michelle) Reidhead, Diana Jones, Susan and (Doug) Johnson, Craig and (Beth) Reidhead, Blake and (Colleen) Reidhead, and Scott Reidhead.

David was a strong hard working man. He always had a truck that was shiny and clean! (but more importantly, a truck that would out pull, out run, Oh... did I say out pull!?) any other truck around!

David was very competitive ... He loved sports! He even coached his daughters softball team (Bob's Bunnies) they always won! He loved to watch his kids participate in all sports. His dad, brothers, and a couple of cousins (and an adopted friend Paul Reynolds) had a city softball team "the Reidheads", they were always the team to beat! (and that was a hard thing to accomplish) They would work hard all day, then play softball til late into the night, then start way before daylight again the next day!, they all loved to compete. David was an honest man! he didn't much tolerate dishonesty or disrespect! He was a Great man, a Great Dad, and a Great Person... David will be dearly missed ... I only wish he would have had a few more Log Books ... We love you Lil Red. 

A graveside service for David was held on Saturday, September 26, 2020 in the Kanab Cemetery.

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