Gary Keicher

Gary F. Keicher, father, grandfather, husband of 55 years passed July 30, 2020.

Gary was born September 10, 1941 in Buffalo, New York, was a graduate of Long Beach City College and a proud Blue Key National Honor Fraternity graduate of the last graduating class at ASC, Flagstaff, Arizona (now of course Northern Arizona University) in May 1965.

Gary then married Claudia McIntyre who he had met at ASC, in the summer of 1965. January 1966, Gary was drafted into the U.S. Army, later survived OCS (Officer’s Candidate School) and was appointed a Second Lieutenant, November 21, 1966.

Gary then served at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland until September 1967 when he and his family moved to what was then, West Germany. He made 1st Lieutenant November 1967 and took command of Headquarters Company, Manheim. In 1968, Gary was promoted to Captain and took command of the 81st Lite Equipment Maintenance Company. November 1969 saw the family moving back to the states as Gary was curtailed out of West Germany to Viet Nam.

On Dec. 26, 1969 Gary said goodbye to his family and left for duty in Vietnam. Upon arrival, he took command of a C. C. and S. Company (collection, classification, and salvage) for the next nine months. Returning to the USA, Gary choose to leave the Army in November 1970.

He worked in Phoenix as a sales associate until 1977 when he and the family moved to Pinetop, Arizona. There began his and Claudia’s Entrepreneur life. During the 30 working years spent on the mountain they began and managed a firewood business, Forest Products, a restaurant, GJ’s for Pizza, a gym and dance studio, Movin’, a janitorial supply with a partner, Sunshine Supplies and a Travel Agency, Mid-Town Travel.

In 2015, Gary and Claudia moved to Apache Junction, Arizona full time after five years of winter residency where Claudia continues to reside.

Gary was proceeded in death by his son, John Paul Keicher.

He is survived by daughter, Angela Kimmins of Show Low, Arizona and Gregory and Sara Keicher of Snowflake, Arizona. Gary also was a kind and loving grandfather to Tiffany, Abagayle, Ella, Audrey, Eden, and Lauren.

Because Gary died of COVID-19 Pneumonia the family will hold services later in the year so not to endanger anyone due to the pandemic.

Gary loved the charities St. Jude’s Research Hospital and Barrows Neurological who treated Gary, Phoenix, Arizona. Donations made in his name to either would be greatly appreciated by the family.

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