Jackie Plumb

Jackie Plumb

Jackie Willie Welch Plumb was born October 31st, 1935 in Pima, Arizona to Jess and Reva Kerby Welch.

In his early years he was raised by his mother Reva, as well his Uncles and Grandfather Charles Kerby.

Hard times were not spoken of, though a hard life was known, where the milking of cows, caring for livestock as well as chopping firewood for his mother’s cooking, and working the cotton fields was just an expected way of spending your day.

At 14 years old they moved to Saint Johns, AZ. His mother married Wellington J. Plumb who adopted Jackie and was sealed to him in the Mesa Temple.

Going to high school at Saint Johns, Jack continued in Boy Scout activities. He Enjoyed working in the school’s wood shop where he found his talents of craftsmanship, building numerous projects including a Cedar Hope Chest for his mother.

To earn money, he would use the family’s old Ford 8N tractor to plow fields, and cut or rake hay for neighboring farms, as well as raising rabbits for meat, selling them at the market.

Jack worked for E.I. Whiting in his Ammo box factory, helping in the war efforts or other capacities such as E.I.’s garage where he enjoyed working on his own little Purple ‘47 Ford coupe.

Growing up in St. Johns with friends such as Rodney Richie, RayDean Conley, Heber C. Conley, and George Waite. Jackie experienced the best a small town had to offer making long lasting friendships along the way.

In the spring of 1956 after traveling many times from St. Johns to Show Low and the towns nearby just to find a good Western dance - Dad found himself in Taylor at the dance where he saw his dark haired beauty, Suzanne Petersen, and so, the courtship began... Jackie in his Purple Hot Rod 1947 Ford coupe would drive over 90-miles round trip to see his girl in her Poodle skirt.

On November 9th, 1956, Jack and Suzanne were married in the Mesa Arizona Temple for time and all eternity.

They began they're 65-year legacy together in a small upstairs apartment in St. Johns Arizona. Having committed to building a future they moved to Mesa where Jack began his career with Hayden Flour Mills in Tempe.

Always known for having a great garden over the years, whether taking up most of his own yard with one or just helping to care for the ward’s large garden. Jack found joy in tilling the ground, planting seeds, nurturing and harvesting. If Jack found a great tasting melon, squash, or fruit chances where he’d keep the seeds and plant them thus adding to his harvest.

Their family grew with William Vance, Kenneth Nard and then they got their little girl Amy Sue Plumb. Many happy times were had as their family grew on “the Circle” of West 9th Pl. South in Mesa.

From his youth to his final days Jack truly loved the Outdoors. Even at 10, he and his buddies from Pima would ride their bikes up to Mt. Graham and campout under the stars. Cherished were the many Fathers-and –Sons outings. Many of lasting memories were made taking his family camping in the high country near Greer, AZ. Cherished were his Fishing and Hunting trips with friends and family. Many of which success followed, yet even on his last fishing trip, spending all day on Big Lake with his boys without one to be had on the stringer, Always would be his reply “It was still good, doesn’t matter if we get one or not, the important thing is that were together!”

Jack Plumb, literally a Jack-of-all-trades, could fix most anything he put his mind too, often to improvement. Thus, creating opportunities to help teach his children such attributes of frugality, resourcefulness, ingenuity, and so many more skills which his family has been Blessed with.

Jack often was found giving charitable acts of service towards those in need, for he knew first-hand as a child, the demise of poverty and could not allow for food to be wasted. For over a decade he provided food resources to many families in what became known as “The Bread Run”.

Jack was that rare breed of man, one who thru many challenging life experiences, continued to persevere against the odds….and to his Last breath, still had a Crushing Iron Grip!

Jack and his Loving Sweetheart of his life celebrated their wedding anniversary together on November 9th, 2021 - even attending the open-house of the newly renovated Mesa Temple where, just 65 years before, they had made Eternal promises together…. It was a Joyous and Memorable time!

On Nov. 26, 2021, after battling Pulmonary Fibrosis, Suzanne, his dearest love, passed peacefully with an abundance of family by her side. Jack said, “I can Not believe it!”, then turning to give her one more kiss proclaimed, “I’m Never getting Married Again!”

Thru the weeks that followed, Jacks health was diminishing, and though many family members and friends rallied around him to lift his spirits, the one thing that challenged him the most was missing his dear Suzanne.

On December 28th, 2021 as the clouds cried down like the Heavens Weeping for joy, Jackie W. Plumb, with family by his side, peacefully left this temporal life and went dancing once again with his Angel Wife and being greeted by his parents Bill and Reva Plumb, Brother Wayne Welch and Sister Bernice Chesley.

Jack is survived by sons Vance (Glenna Pearce) Plumb, Ken (Leslie Bigler) Plumb and Daughter Amy Sue Plumb.

The family indeed expresses Gratitude and Love to all those Health workers, Family and Friends who helped in so many capacities carrying our load thru these past weeks.

“The Legacy We See In Front Of Us,

Is That One in Which Our Parents Have Left Behind,

That We Might Raise It Up,

For Our Future Generations...

Constantly and With Love!”


For those unable to attend the services, please join us via Zoom link which is also available on the Meldrum Mortuary webpage www.meldrummortuary.com/obituaries/Jackie-Plumb

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