Keith F. Rogers was born in Mesa, during the depression years. His parents homesteaded a 20 acre ranch in Linden on the windswept northeastern Arizona plateau, where Keith was driving a tractor and tending livestock before the first grade.

The family moved to Snowflake, when Keith was nine and made their home in that little pioneer settlement for the rest of their years, where his father Lawrence farmed, dairy and raised livestock and his mother, Rosetta tended her home and children Melva, Keith, Gayle, Terryl and Carol Jean.

Keith attended school in a one-room schoolhouse, milked cows, gathered eggs, plucked chickens, farmed and sold produce, raised hogs, bred, birthed, branded and herded beef cattle and worked as a lineman for the power company on lonesome dirt roads across rugged range land.

After graduating from Snowflake High School, Keith attended the University of Arizona in Tucson, where he met Rosie, a pretty, blonde, athletic rodeo queen who carried a water canteen large enough to share with the unprepared boys from Snowflake. They married two years later and after graduation and passing the CPA exam, Keith moved with Rosie to report for duty at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Keith served as 1st Lieutenant in charge of the large gunnery tank range, training soldiers fighting in Korea. After discharge from the Army, Keith worked at ever-changing locations for Hughes Aircraft and Thiokol Chemical during the aerospace race to the moon landing, then settled in Tempe, to give his family a rest from moving. He opened his own CPA practice while working as the national controller for companies which included Valley Bank, Arizona State University, Dye Oxygen, Shamrock Dairy and Cudahy Meats.

Teaming with Rosie at his side as business and life partner, Keith founded a computer processing business during the dawn of that industry's infancy and pioneered personal computer dealerships for Wang, IBM and Macintosh. Always the entrepreneur, he sold NuSkin, taught courses in Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends & Influence People" and perennially invested, saved and managed the family's finances.

At the State of Arizona Corporation Commission, Keith worked until retirement as a senior rate analyst. Keith also served as the LDS Ward Clerk for most of his adult working life and gave freely of his time in pursuit of the religious faith of his forbearers.

He was preceded in death by his devoted wife of 69 years, his beloved Rosie and his two children, David and Susan.

Keith is survived by his brother, Terryl; two sisters Gayle and Carol Jean; five children: Marie, Margie, Lawrence, Mark and Russel; 18 grandchildren and 45 great-grandchildren.

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