Myrna Garrett

Mynra Garrett

Myrna “Lynn” Garrett-Reeves born July 3rd 1955, passed-over November 18, 2021. Lynn is now with the many people she loved in life. Those include her parents Harvey and Faith Kennedy Garrett, sister Marlene “Nan” Lane, niece Samantha Barker Dorbandt, and her brother Darwin “Dean” Garrett.

Lynn was raised in a number of rural mining communities including one of her favorites, Silverbell Arizona. She graduated from Round Valley High School in Eagar Arizona.

While here on earth Lynn greeted each new experience with lively interest and each new relationship with forthright appreciation.

We enjoyed it when Lynn entertained us with tales of the time she spent in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona. Her stories included an abundance of laughter and occasional tears.

Lynn had a longstanding fascination with the medical field, earning her a dental assistant certificate and a nursing degree.

Lynn’s unique life and personality are difficult to summarize in these few paragraphs but she was known for her love of cats. We enjoyed teasing Lynn that she was a ‘Cat Person’ because her personality traits were so similar to the many cats she loved and lived with. For example we found her to be playful, impulsive, vocal, curious, loyal, and although friendly often temperamental and an unapologetic nonconformist.

Lynn will be missed by her friends and family including five nieces and nephews and 13 great nieces and nephews.

In lieu of flowers please donate, in Lynn’s honor, to your favorite charity.

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