Shell Lavender

Shell Lavender

Shell Lavender, formerly know as Madeline Mozelle was called home by the Lord on Oct. 25, 2020. She was born on Dec. 1, 1943 to Janice and Charles Streng in Santa Monica, California. Shell’s father served in the U.S. Navy and so their family traveled throughout the USA. Some of her fondest memories were in Maud, Oklahoma, where she lived as a young adult and, Apache Junction, Arizona where her mother had a sewing shop.

In 1984 Shell moved to Snowflake, Arizona where she would raise her five children; the late Seth Lavender, twins; Samuel and Sarah Bal, Saul Bal and Abigael Bal. Shell loved her family very much. She embraced many of her children’s friends whom she called “family” and provided them with her love, a place to sleep, building tents, forts, band practice, and sharing family meals.

Shell helped in the development and assembly of microchips for Hewlett Packard along with her passion for horseback riding, sewing, cooking, painting, drawing, gardening and running her farm. Especially her chickens! Shell worked hard, provided love and comfort for her children and anyone in need.

She is survived by her sister; Catherine Dowe, children; Samuel (LaDawn Bal), Sarah (Trevor Brewer), Saul, Abigael; 14 grandchildren, one great grandchild and several nieces and nephews. May the Lord give her a warm embrace as she is united with her departed loved ones.

Shell will be forever loved, and deeply missed as she lives on in the imprints, she has left in each of her family’s hearts and those she encountered throughout her life.

A closed Celebration of Life with family and close friends on Dec. 1, 2020 in Mesa, Arizona due to the pandemic. You can reach family at if you would like information regarding the service and possible live stream.

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