Theodora Lavender Borland

Theodora Borland

In Loving Memory of Theodora Lavender Borland (White Mountain Apache). 10/19/1958 – 10/18/2020. Daughter of the late Asa Sr., and Ronda Lavender. She is survived by her husband David Borland; sons: Jon, Nicholas, and Alexander and Hermalyn Leonard; grandchildren: Leitisha, Emily, Asa, Emmett, Mickel and Mason Leonard; siblings: Linda, Francis and Bonnie, Cecilia, Rachael, Asa Jr., and Lora, and Joseph.

Theodora was a strong Apache Christian woman who was raised in the Lutheran Church and sang with the Ladies Aide Apache Choir throughout the U.S. She graduated from Alchesay High School and attended college at Fort Lewis, Durango, Colorado.

Theodora was crowned Miss White Mountain Apache in 1977, and Miss Indian Arizona in 1978. She worked as a Medical Records Technician. She moved with her husband from Arizona to New Mexico to Florida and back to New Mexico. She loved to go horseback riding and do beadwork. She loved being with her grandchildren and taking trips to Carlsbad Caverns, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Montana, California, Canada and Mexico.

Theodora was the life of the party and mastered many accents. Phone calls made home to her sisters would last for hours. She was a big Dallas Cowboys fan always cheering them on. She will be cherished by her quick wit and humor on many occasions and the ability to make people laugh. She was extremely loving, caring and respectful. We the family, along with her many friends, are deeply sorrowed and we will always cherish and remember her.

A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020, 1:00 p.m. at the Whiteriver, Arizona Cemetery. Pastor Kirk Massey officiating. The family requests for anyone attending to please abide by the EOC and CDC guidelines. Thank you for all the prayers and sincere words of sympathy during our loss. From the Lavender Family.

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