Tyson Klaproth

Tyson Lee Klaproth

Tyson Lee Klaproth born June 3, 1984, passed away October 28, 2020 in Mesa, Arizona at the age of 36. Born in Murray, Utah, Tyson lived most of his life in Arizona. He was the 4th child and 2nd son of Steve and Angie (McLellan) Klaproth. He loved spending time with his brother Brent, sisters Cammie, Amber, and Tiffany as well as extended family and friends.

Tyson came by teasing naturally and we loved his fun-loving nature. He had an incredible business mind; his electrical business succeeded through his hard work and professionalism. Tyson had an adventurous spirit, loved music and performing on stage and had the aspiration to be a filmmaker.

Skills and talents included song writing, studio recording, playing the guitar, photography, and making us laugh with talking in his on-point Scottish accent. Tyson had movie line quoting down, he was skilled at finding solutions, inventing, was organized almost to a fault from birth, self-motivated and ambitious in his work and personal life. Tyson met challenges head on and found his way around obstacles always wanting the result to be “win-win.” He loved to share insight he had gained from experience to help others through their challenges.

Tyson’s best loved traits included seeing the best potential in others, finding the humor in everything, and seeing a need and fulfilling it without being asked. We all benefited from his acts of service both large and small.

Tyson found happiness in serving others and girlfriend, Jimena, found herself on the receiving end of his kindness and generous nature. She lit up his life with purpose and joy.

Gone too soon, Tyson will be missed by family and friends.

Services were held on Saturday, November 7, 2020. Burial was in the Reed Hatch Memorial Cemetery.

Owens Livingston Mortuary of Snowflake handled the arrangements.

Please visit www.owenslivingstonmortuary to leave condolences.

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