Take Steps for Change on Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day
In November 1960, six-year-old Ruby Bridges stepped into William Franz Elementary school and into the history books, single-handedly desegregating the all-white school in Louisiana and becoming an icon of the Civil Rights Movement.
To this day, students around the world continue to be moved by Bridges' story, which reminds young people that they have the potential to lead change in their communities and beyond. Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day, a movement started by AAA School Safety Patrollers to honor the civil rights icon, will take place on Nov. 17, 2021.
For more than 100 years, the AAA School Safety Patrol has provided school-aged children with an extra sense of safety and security when going to and from school. Today, students in this program serve as young changemakers who value community leadership and service.
In 2018, patrollers from Martin Elementary School in South San Francisco, California, learned about Bridges’ story and were inspired to take action. They decided to start Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day in her honor. Year after year, the movement has grown.
“This student-led movement honors the courage of Ruby Bridges and reminds those within our communities that everyone has a role to play in creating change,” says Sarah White of the Ruby Bridges Foundation.
In partnership with the Ruby Bridges Foundation, AAA Mountain West Group is supporting Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day. The organization is providing grants to schools to help fund their Ruby Bridges Walk to School activities, and free resources to assist with planning.
"We are committed to doing good in the communities we serve," said Tim Condon, president and CEO of AAA Mountain West Group. “We are proud to partner with Ruby Bridges Foundation and support this initiative, bringing students together to inspire the next generation of leaders.”
This year, Ruby Bridges Walk to School Day will be held on November 17, 2021. Students, parents, educators, and community members are invited to join the movement and take the lead on creating change in their communities. Visit AAA.com/RubyBridges to register for the walk and learn more.

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