Census privacy

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jim beck

I'm not defending Trump, nor am I a racist, but it is beyond me why the people shouldn't have the right to know how many in our population are citizens and how many are not. Of course, if I were here illegally, I would chose not to answer that question. I understand that some argue that by allowing the question the GOP would have an advantage with regard to gerrymandering voting boundaries.


Jim, because direct taxes,number of representatives a state is apportioned, and the amount of federal tax revenues coming back to the states are all dependent on the number of persons in a state not the number of citizens in a state as per enumerated in the constitution. And Yes you are correct,if it was only citizens, the GOP would use that information to suppress the votes of the people by gerrymandering, moving voting places far away from densely populated DEM or Independent voter areas and by requiring unreasonable voter identification. How many people carry their birth certificates in their person?

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