Wall already built

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Very accurate cartoon.....they Fear that President Trump will close this massive highway into the US. They Hate that video of Pelosi, Schumer, Obama, and both Clintons shows them all promoting closing our borders when it was convenient for them and Hate the President Trump is actually taking action on it...and Racism by them only caring about more people of Hispanic or Latino decent getting in before its too late. Here's a novel idea....why don't the Dems propose a program to allow the to Immigrate for up to 6 years, Educate, learn our ways and skills, and then Re-Patriate them back to their native country so they can build it into a mirror of the US. People say let them in.....well what good does that do their country? I think people who say let them in should instead be saying "Let me invest in their country" send your money to Mexico or Panama or wherever....invest in their culture and businesses so they don't need to look north.

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