This morning’s news brought images of a scuzzbag shooting, execution-style, two LA police officers in the head as they sat in their car. As the ambulance screamed into the hospital, the entrance was blocked by more scum screaming “We hope they die!!” This is not civil unrest. This is anarchy.

Our country is halfway through a year filled with pandemic hysteria. Tumbling over that angst like bubbling lava is the rhetoric of a truncated but vicious presidential campaign. The cherry on the cow-pie that is 2020 is the rioting, looting, and lawlessness exploding in cities and burgs across the country.

The first two conflagrations in this trifecta of calamities might be doused in the days or weeks after Nov. 3. If they don’t explode into the civil war presaged by the third.

There is no authority over the violence; a country can’t be managed without a system of law enforcement. People’s property can’t be destroyed with impunity. Yet, those fundamentals are being stripped from us.

Anyone my age has lived through our share of uncivil unrest.

Every 10 years or so we can count on a financial and real-estate meltdown. There’s always some awful crime that requires hand-wringing and riots. Epidemics of nasty diseases roll around like clockwork and natural disasters fill in the blanks. Tranquil eras feel calm only if your own life happens to be so at the time.

The savagery, fear and hate that have erupted in the wake of today’s overlapping catastrophes are magnified because it’s being managed by ‘experts’ who issue conflicting and nonsensical mandates every other day.

During the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, my Gramma was 17 years old and living with her parents in rural New Mexico. She raised me, I knew her well and I’m the family genealogist. I never heard a single word or saw a single document relating to that worldwide pandemic. Same story with my Grandpa who grew up in the same tiny town.

Why weren’t they and their parents terrified of something that killed about 1% of the world’s population? Why didn’t it scar the young people in the same disastrous ways that the C-19 carrying-on is going to scar our kids and grandchildren?

Likely because they didn’t know a thing about it. Even if they happened to see something in a month-old newspaper about flu deaths in China or New York, it would have had zero impact on their lives.

Sure, the world was hugely less populated and mobile in 1918, but take into account that radios didn’t come into common usage until the 1920’s; forget TV and social media. And, early news outlets took their relationship with the facts much more seriously than do most of today’s greedy and politically motivated “news” organizations.

Much of the horror of what’s happening across the country lies squarely on the shoulders of mainstream and social media. That we citizens have given them such power is on us. How do we take back the country without a war? Beats me.

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che guevara

If men waged wars based strictly upon their convictions , rather than upon the egos , whims , avarice and power - lust of kings , emperors , presidents and rulers , and / or upon the greed of the big bankers and the corporations , there would have been very few wars throughout history . On the other hand , civil wars are squarely based upon the convictions of men , and this is what makes civil wars so dangerous and devastating . It is well past midnight , as America is already in a state of civil war , which is unfortunately gathering momentum by the day .

In relatively recent history there are numerous examples of just how horrid civil wars are . The American Civil War resulted in an unparalleled carnage never imagined . The Russian Civil War in the immediate aftermath of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution also lead to carnage and widespread starvation thus paving the way for the new order aka Communism . The Spanish Civil War of 1936 - 1939 , also represented the very worst of what the human stain is capable of . On my own paternal side , family members had related instances of young girls being raped in front of their families , graves being dug - up in order to insult the living , and family , friends and neighbors turning upon one another . The Spanish Civil War subsequently resulted in the new order of Fascism under Francisco Franco , and helped to pave the way for World War II in Europe to commence .

Good editorial Leslie . Sadly , you are spot - on with your assessments . Even more sadly , is the brutal reality that there is at this point no possibility of reversing what is unfolding .

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