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Neil Traver

For many of us, welcoming a new year has more meaning than ever in 2021. As a Snowflake resident and an APS employee, I can’t help but be grateful for the opportunity to serve this region through some of the most challenging times.

While “uncertain” and “unprecedented” became buzzwords we all would appreciate not hearing for a while, one thing was certain: APS’s commitment to keeping the lights on.

From the onset of the pandemic in Arizona, APS prioritized safety and acted quickly to implement COVID-19 protocols to keep employees healthy. For some employees, new protocols meant working from home; for others it meant being vigilant and following new safety guidelines while working on electrical equipment throughout local neighborhoods.

To limit the spread of the virus, some of the safety protocols for APS field workers include:

Physical distancing — Maintaining 6 feet of distance from one another with few exceptions for critical functions only. We ask customers to help us follow the same guidelines when encountering an APS employee or work site.

Wearing face coverings — Wearing masks indoors at all APS locations and whenever physical distancing is not possible.

No carpooling — To maintain physical distancing, our people are driving alone to and from work sites, so there may be more vehicles at job sites sometimes. We appreciate our customers’ patience and understanding if this results in a few vehicles on their street. Our people know to be mindful of maintaining safe conditions and preventing congestion whenever possible.

As we have for more than 130 years, APS will continue to serve our community by delivering clean, reliable and affordable energy into 2021 and for years to come as the community continues to work and succeed together.


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