After reading Ms. Baker’s June 7 column, it is difficult to see how she arrived at the opinion that Donald Trump is “just what we needed.” Most of her column is devoted to describing President Trump’s behavior as inappropriate and then excusing that behavior.

She describes the President as: “crass,” “off-putting,” “a raunchy businessman,” “telling whoppers” and “makes me cringe.”

The only reasons given by Ms. Baker for approving of the President’s performance in office are that “He donates his Presidential salary to good causes, has the economy humming ...”

Apparently, those are the only things that Ms. Baker thinks President Trump has done which are worthy of praise. I cannot argue with the fact that President Trump donates his salary, but many economists state that our current economy has nothing to do with President Trump’s actions.

It is apparent that Ms. Baker thinks that President Trump’s background in business is a good reason for him to be President, but a person needs to look at the kind of businessman he is before deciding that qualifies him to be President. We do not know how successful he is as a businessman because he has refused to permit the American people to see his tax returns.

Yes, he lives well, but he is the son of a very wealthy father. He financed his businesses with money from his father. He did not pay many of the people who did work for his businesses. He filed bankruptcy for several businesses. If the reason for Trump to be President is that he will run the country like his business, I can only say, that is not the way we want our country to operate.

Ms. Baker makes excuses for President Trump’s behavior and, in my opinion, by doing so she is adding to what she describes as “the general coarsening of society.” Sorry, that is not an excuse!

Ms. Baker acknowledges that President Trump lies, but tries to characterize it as hyperbole. Hyperbole is defined as a statement not intended to be taken as truth, exaggerated statements. If you were to ask President Trump if he intended people to believe him when he speaks, I’m sure he would say that he does want you to believe every word. By attempting to make light of President Trump’s lies Ms. Baker is approving of that behavior.

I think character counts and that the President of the United States should be of the highest character. This president, however lies constantly, brags about sexually assaulting women, praises dictators, makes fun of handicapped people, calls people he does not like by silly, childish nicknames, and separates children from their parents. He negates the contributions of a senator who is a national hero, vilifies the press, offends our allies, believes the words of our enemies over the words of our intelligence agencies, promotes programs which give more money to the rich while cutting back on programs that help the poor. He is a braggart. He encourages his audiences to be violent to those who disagree with him. He encourages disrespect for our judges. He uses vulgar language to describe countries where most of the inhabitants are not of the same color as President Trump.

Do we really want a president who reflects the worst part of our society? I, for one, do not!

This country needs a president who is honorable, truthful, wise, well-read and respectful of other people and other countries. We need a president we can be proud of as our representative to the world. We need a President who promotes the well-being of all of our citizens regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, origin, or political party. In all these virtues, President Trump is woefully deficient.

Kay Wilkins is a retired judge and lives in Springerville.

Kay Wilkins is a retired judge and lives in Springerville.

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