I lied. Not intentionally, but it still needs correcting.

Soon after the 2020 election, I stated here that, even though I’d voted for Donald Trump twice, I would not again. Yes, I had my reasons, but I need to add a qualifier. If Trump ends up on the ballot again (which I think is a lousy idea; he is too divisive a force to ever unite the disheveled Republicans) I will certainly vote for him over anybody with a D after their name.

However, if the Republicans convince themselves that they can persuade a bunch of Biden voters and Never Trump ‘Republicans’ to jump ship and win with Trump in 2024, I’ll think they’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. We can hope that Biden’s racial warfare, wide-open borders, ruined energy industries, rioting in the streets and the rest of the devastation he’ll pile on in the next three years will convince people that red is better. But betting on Trump again would be folly.

The looming battle for Republicans is to unite their own party. I’d love to be surprised by a highly unlikely victory on that front! I don’t see how a party survives without a more cohesive stance than they’ve displayed over the last ten years.

Remember the old story about having to get a mule’s attention with a 2x4 before you can teach him anything? The Republican elephant is, apparently, just as dense. There are countless “conservative” publications, PACs and influential individuals who were virulent Never-Trumpers and will become anti-anyone else who doesn’t fit their blue-bubble, limp politics. If we in flyover country want a voice, they are going to have to hear us roar.

I’ve long scolded the Republican party for being too chivalrous and, rather than offend, forming a circular firing squad to politely eliminate themselves before the brass-knuckled other party could do it to them.

Republicans need to learn from the unprincipled street gang who beat us. We need to learn to stand together rather than splitting up into barroom brawlers and ruffle-cuffed snivelers. We need to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and, if the brass knucks feel tawdry, pull some velvet gloves on over them and get the damned job done.

Donald Trump was unwilling to don the velvet and he offended many of those who were content with the actual job he was doing. Others, of course, found his street-fighter persona invigorating, but you see where that got us.

Republicans also need to learn from Democrats to take our family feuds behind closed doors while presenting a united front (rather than a stage full of 17 candidates, for the luvvapete.)

Most people are not political junkies (hard as it is for us junkies to imagine) and only pay attention to politics once every four years. While the political addicts among us want to know every nuance of every utterance, a lot of people have other calls on their attention (you know, jobs, kids, etc.) Give them a simple choice in the next election: Wrong or Right.

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What would a person that says they would vote for Donald Trump, who encouraged the violent attack on the United States of America on Jan 6, tried to destroy integrity of the nation's news media by calling them fake news and by his continued efforts since 2016 to destroy our american electoral system, be called? A useful idiot,a traitor, unpatriotic, unamerican, a fascist, a conservative "R".


You must be a dedicated watcher of the liberal propaganda networks. That would be any news network on cable or satellite tv. Wake up and do some research and you might learn just how corrupt and evil the Biden administration really is. Their only desire is to turn our country into a socialist state. If you can name one successful socialist state, please let us know.


“We can hope that Biden’s racial warfare, wide-open borders, ruined energy industries, rioting in the streets and the rest of the devastation he’ll pile on in the next three years * * *”.

Here we have another example of a pretension of research, objective analysis and evidence-based conclusions which are nothing but a virulent form of propaganda and cult loyalty, trumping national fealty. Not one example is provided of any of these claims. No citations are made which are vetted sources of fact. This is bogus, willful ignorance and mis-information cultism. This author also betrays his fundamental convictions by saying that he would vote for the very worst possible Republican rather than the very best possible Democrat, without even mentioning what their policies might be as well as the wishes of the American people on those matters.

It is also obvious that this commentor considers his preferences to be superior to others without mentioning the basis for those differences – a good faith discussion of the various policies and their likely outcomes. It is my position that members of Congress, for example, are bound by the Constitution and their oaths to make decisions and legislate in the best interest of the entire nation without regard to their home jurisdictions. Yet the perverse notion emanates from both sides of the aisle that congressional members serve the interests of those home jurisdictions, and have their success or failure judged by the degree to which they “bring home the bacon.”

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