Three of my subscribed-to publications, The White Mountain Independent, Bottom Line Personal and National Review had overlapping, insightful observations recently.

The edition of the WMI containing local letter-to-the-editor-writer Jim Beck’s missive and the BLP article arrived in my mailbox on the same day and both hit on the topic of mental health and the radical over-medication of real or perceived psychiatric disorders in our society. Both acknowledged the seriousness of mental illness, and both made strong arguments against knee-jerk use of the prescription pad.

My read is that the pharmaceutical industry, the far left and the media are the primary culprits in directing attention away from the role that mental illness plays in crime, identity dysphoria and homelessness in the country. Why? They share a far-left agenda which benefits from the chaos caused by insanity.

Today, wherever we turn, we can look forward to lectures on disparate topics such as ‘birthing people’ and BIPOC issues. There’s scarcely a day when identity politics doesn’t add yet another to its victim class; Black, Indigenous People Of Color and transgender folks who plan to give birth are only this month’s entries on the list.

Now, if you don’t think that’s crazy enough, try this on: According to NR, Biden and the head of his Domestic Policy Council want parents, “especially mothers” in the workforce. To that end, the administration wants to subsidize childcare. So, you’re going to have a baby, then you’re going to plop that child into a state-run indoctrination center from diapers through high school and what do you get? A compliant little socialist who was fed gender and identity rage along with his pablum and on through his first beer. Plus, he might be able to vote before that beer’s legal!

Ready for that Zoloft yet? Well, it should be easy to find; all three of the articles/letters I referenced above noted the vast over-prescription of it and many other psychotropics.

So, yes, we can choose to escape into la-la land and ignore what’s happening or we can face the fact that since these drugs were discovered and their promotors convinced state governments that they could empty their mental hospitals, turn those folks out onto the streets, and — oh, yeah — save buckets of money, things have gone to hell. And homeless populations have soared (because insane people on the streets don’t take their meds as prescribed) and mass shootings have become common (because people on prescribed drugs need real help, not quick fixes.) People with mental health problems cannot be handed a one-size-fits-all prescription, patted on the head and shooed out of the office.

The socialists among us and their buddies, the media have given us anger and anxiety-laden “victims” at a rate we can’t keep up with. Many of those are scrambling to find an ‘identity’ that their psychotropics have failed to instill in them.

Maybe it’s a positive sign that my mailbox is suddenly overflowing with alarm over the pharmaceutical approach to treatment of mental health issues.

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che guevara

Excellent editorial Leslie . One of the main shortcomings as regards the entire medical establishment is that treatment is generally backwards , in that they focus on the symptoms of dis - eases as opposed to attempting to treat the origins of the problems ; thus we have ever increasing pill throwers where there were once doctors . This is why going to see the doctor is not at all what it used to be back in the day . Moreover , the Rockefeller Foundation and the pharmaceutical companies have largely hijacked the curriculum taught to medical school students by way of massive financial infusion and political / corporate influence to the point where prescriptions are viewed as a panacea of sorts for increasingly more ailments . And of course , pushing drugs is good business for all of them , as it enables these young doctors to meet their corporate - established patient quotas , and keeps the drug companies up to their ears with an inexhaustible supply of customers .

Coercing women into the workforce actually began back in the 1960's beneath the guise of the women's liberation movement , as it was realized by the establishment that only half of the adult population was being taxed by way of their incomes , as women at that time usually stayed home and raised their children . So , in an Orwellian sort of doublespeak along with some extremely clever propaganda they made entering the workforce a fashionable social statement for many women , and in many respects turned the so called women's liberation movement into a women's bondage movement , along with the help of the Rockefeller Foundation's funding of such publications as MS. Magazine with their stooge Gloria Steinem , and of course the lapdog mainstream media beating the drums all the way , up to and including such primitive theater as bra burning . This also opened the gates for the gross price inflation of houses , automobiles , food and everything else which now requires two incomes to afford for most families . This cleverly orchestrated movement also can help explain the dramatic increase in the divorce rate and the commonality of broken homes absent of two parents , along with the array of psychiatric issues in far too many children and the subsequent drugging of these poor kids . Furthermore , as stated in the editorial , the State now took an increasing role in the upbringing / indoctrinating of most children because mom was also on the treadmill of finance trying to keep the wolf away from the door . Hence the beginnings of the latchkey kid syndrome complete with cable TV , MTV , the Internet and all manner of perversion along with the medicating / drugging of America;s kids , and the appalling frequency in which many kids are fed junk food and fast " food " as opposed to wholesome home cooked meals because mom is too tired to cook after working all day . This of course is the breeding grounds for the next generation of obese and sick young people who will again fill the coffers of the medical and pharmaceutical companies as more pills will be thrown at them to combat these developed illnesses.

We are now witnessing the results of this agenda , and have been for at least the past 30 years if you have been paying attention . Aldous Huxley spelled this all out very - very clearly in his books Brave New World , and Brave New World Revisited . Both of these are a must read for anyone wishing to put a few more of the pieces together and develop a rudimentary understanding as to why we are where we are , and where it is all ultimately heading .

Again , Leslie , nicely stated . I generally like your editorials because at least they have teeth and address topics which make the majority uncomfortable .


What is a socialist? According to Leslie and all the rest of the right wing crazies? It is 64 million american elderly people,worker's widows and disabled people that are on Social Security, it is also 61 million retired elderly americans that are on Medicare. So all you people, me too, on Social Security and Medicare are a bunch of socialist say the republicans. Let's not forget the millions of poor families that are on Medeicaid because they are too poor to afford the neccesities of life. Republicans have always been against the government providing for the general welfare of it's middle class and poor citizens, and it is their intent to do away with Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid just the way arizona republican state legislators cut government funding for providers of Mental Health. It is obvious that republicans have never read the U.S. Constitution to find out what is the purpose of our democratic/republic United States government. They should try reading the Preamble, it is only about four sentences long. Maybe that's asking too much of republicans since they are into a different more neferious, unpatriotic agenda of overthrowing the constitutional government of the United States of America, by sedition, voter suppression, inviting authoritarian governments to interfere in our elections, and by destroying what used to be our system of Checks and Balances, and by right wingers discrediting all our intelligence agencies and siding with our foriegn adversaries...the Russian Putin.

Moreover, one has to wonder why Leslie is so against the Biden administration helping working mothers who have no work income, were laid off due to corona virus, get back to work by Biden temporarily subsidizing their childcare. There are no government run, for profit, child care centers, so private for profit child care centers will make more profits and hire more workers as well as the mothers going back to work won't be on unemployment benefits. It is a win, win for the mothers,for employers, for the private child care centers, for the state, for the government, for the federal, state and local economies. Thank you Leslie for showing us why republicans don't know how to govern our country.

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