The American people have spoken. Trump’s fear mongering was rejected. Decisively. Throughout the election, Trump tried to vilify Democrats by associating them with “socialism” and violent aspects of the protests this past summer over the horrific death of George Floyd. Pastor Brown attempts to do the same in his guest column “Cancel Culture” in the Jan. 26 edition of the White Mountain Independent (WMI), by equating all liberals and Democrats to communism and stating that God belongs in the center of our country.

Fear does work to motivate people to vote. Fear of immigrants, Muslims, Hillary Clinton and essentially the entire world, worked to get Trump elected in 2016. It did not work in 2020 because people were aware of the lies and misinformation being spread by the former President and his campaign.

The United States of America was created with certain tenets:

1. Every person is created equal.

2.There is separation of church and state.

3. The government represents the will of the people in the form of free and fair elections.

The ongoing struggles to treat people of color equally in the hands of the police, in receiving education, in the workplace, in obtaining loans for their homes or businesses and in society in general, lead to the protests this past summer that were overwhelming peaceful. The violence that broke out was not condoned by President Biden nor by a clear majority of Democrats just as the insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 was not acceptable to most Republicans. Defunding the police was a rallying cry for many African Americans and fellow protesters sick and tired of seeing their sons, daughters, husbands, wives and other relatives being killed by the police. Yet, most Democrats favored changing the way police treat people instead of abolishing the entire force altogether. The proposed solution is to hold the police at all levels accountable for their actions. Reform not defund. We need to have ongoing discussions in our society on how to fulfill our goal of obtaining true equality for every person in our country at home, at work, in school and in the community.

The attempt by conservatives and Republicans to vilify the Black Lives Matter movement and align it with Antifa or communism is a re-run of Trump’s failed election. Saying that every Black life matters is to protest the reality that the police do treat people of African American origin differently than all other Americans. To deny this fact is to refute that racism still exists in our country.

God has a place in our country but not specifically in our government. Our founding fathers made sure not to duplicate the mistakes of European Countries by insisting on a separation of church and state. In the United States of America, we can each choose which God we decide to endorse, if any at all. All religious beliefs are accepted including atheism. The First Amendment states, “ Congress shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...” A refusal to acknowledge this portion of the Bill of Rights denies an important character of American Democracy that differentiates us from Theocracies.

It’s been just 18 days since President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn into office. They are the legitimate leaders of our great country. It was a free and fair election, despite the rhetoric and denial by a majority of Republicans. Our President and Vice President are in the midst of addressing a pandemic, a failing economy and a persistent division in our government. They are working tirelessly every day to improve the lives of all Americans.

I call on all those spreading misinformation and fear to stop and to accept our new Executive Branch. Democrats are neither socialists nor communists. Socialist ideas like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and unemployment benefits have been promulgated by Democrats but these programs have subsequently, over time, been embraced by Republicans.

Express your opinion freely, not violently. Write to your elected leaders in Washington DC and Phoenix, Arizona to let them know how you feel. We can all, at a minimum, agree that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are our elected leaders , even if we vehemently disagree with them. Our new leaders will make our Democracy stronger and “keep it” intact.

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Well stated, Dr. Jarrin. The continuing divisive, delusional rhetoric of many on the Right needs to be met with considered, realistic words like yours. Thank you.




You really drank the kool-aid, Dr. Jarrin, as indicated by the "overwhelmingly peaceful" comment about summer riots. Your caricatures of your fellow citizens with whom you disagree isn't conducive to ongoing civility or a healing of divisions between us. Nor is the comment that "a majority of Republicans" deny that the election was fair and free. Where is your evidence for this?

If you want the nation's scars to heal, Dr. Jarrin, a good first step is to consider your political opponents as fellow-citizens worthy of respect. Implying or explicitly calling them racists, fear mongers, zenophobes, anti-muslim, liars and fearful of "the entire world" isn't a promising start. Your column sounds like more hatred being spewed, and hating is not the way to heal our wounds. The first respondent to your column echos your inflammatory rhetoric by characterizing the right as divisive and delusional. I'm not sure the left even knows what it means to heal after four years of hysterical nonstop anti-Trump propaganda.

But your side won it all, Dr. Jarrin, the White House and the congress. Let's see what you do when all the power is yours. Bring us together, or continue to go after the former president and his supporters? Your choice, Doctor.


You're not paying close enough attention. "In recent years, domestic violent extremists, particularly white supremacists, have caused more deaths than people with links to international terrorist groups like al-Qaida. Two horrific attacks, one on a Pittsburgh synagogue and the other at an El Paso Walmart, are prime examples of the lethal nature of the homegrown far-right threat. The insurrection at the Capitol, meanwhile, points to the growing scale of the problem."


Jaji: You said "Nor is the comment that "a majority of Republicans" deny that the election was fair and free. Where is your evidence for this?"

"A survey released Thursday by the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI) found that the vast majority of Republicans not only don’t think Joe Biden was legitimately elected, nearly 40 percent of them think political violence is justifiable and could be necessary. Those GOP respondents justifying violence said they agreed with the statement: “If elected leaders will not protect America, the people must do it themselves, even if it requires violent actions.”"

THAT is who we're dealing with.


If elected leaders will not protect America key phrase I think. Don't you?


Let's start with an elected leader like former President Trump who refused to protect America during a violent insurrection, HUH!


Hard to heal the wounds when the right wingers still support the cancer that incited the insurrection against the United States. Death threats against the Vice President of the U.S. and other congressional members of our government have not detered or diminished right wing support for the cancer that occupied the White House previously. Interesting, how the definition and the application, by the Demagogue, of the phrase "useful idots" was very much in display. Trump told his supporters that he would be right along with them when they went on to march to the U.S. capitol,but like a coward he turned and fled to the safety of the White House. Now the "useful idiots" of the right wing are facing prison sentences, enormous legal expenses and in some cases, loss of jobs and families. While the head cancer Trump is now enjoying himself in Mar-a-Logo playing golf.


OK. So Trump's a bad guy. Does that mean we can't move on? Any suggestions for going forward to a more peaceful America? After all, we got past slavery and the civil war somehow.


Yes Jaji we can move on but not until you republicans purge yourselves of your leaders and extremist groups that are advocating for the violent overthrow of our United States government that was established by the United States Constitution. The republican party has decended into a terrorist organization and now it is up it's members to fix it so that it's loyalties lay with the United States of America not one person.


Reply to Vtrone Feb 16, 2021 8:16am post. Just so you know, I'm a registered independent, not a Republican. Politically I lean toward Libertarianism. I like the civil liberties positions of the left and the (once) fiscal conservative positions of the right. However, lately, it's hard to like any of the positions of either party. My favorite status-quo is gridlock, which we do not have at the moment. I love America passionately.


“A report analyzing the flash point of Black Lives Matter protests across the U.S. this summer found more than 90 percent of the demonstrations against racial injustice were nonviolent. An analysis by the nonprofit Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project identified more than 7,750 demonstrations across 2,400 cities between May 26 — the day after the death of George Floyd — and Aug. 22.Fewer than 220 of those events were marked by violence or destructive activity and were “largely confined to specific blocks,” according to the report.”


I accept that 90% of the demonstrations being non-violent is a good thing. I also agree that racial justice is a good cause. Can we also agree that the 10% of demonstrations that turned violent wasn't a good thing? And defunding police is not a reasonable solution to police misbehavior and some better solution might be possible? We might be finding some common ground on which to build a bridge between us.


Jaji, sezs on Feb 16, 2021 9:29am:

"Just so you know, I'm a registered independent, not a Republican. Politically I lean toward Libertarianism. I like the civil liberties positions of the left and the (once) fiscal conservative positions of the right. However, lately, it's hard to like any of the positions of either party. My favorite status-quo is gridlock, which we do not have at the moment. I love America passionately."


My response to Jaji: If it walks like a republican duck, talks like a republican duck, acts like a republican duck, then for sure it's a republican duck. Judging by your attacks on Dr. Jarrin in your Feb. 14,2021 4:35 PM, post, you are a republican incognito as a Libertarian. Moreover, if you want the healing to start in our politics, you republicans need to rid yourselves of those politican traitors that supported the violent attacks on our United States government. It is a cancer that has infested the republican party and only it's members can cut it out. The American policy is to never appease or negotiate with terrorist.


The republican sickness in our country is at the molecular level, by that I mean at the state precinct level. It is these precinct levels that they vilify republicans who do the right thing. It is at the precinct level that monsters like Gosar, Biggs, Rogers, Lesko, Townsend, Ward, et al are born (or should I say created). The state precincts are the ones who put forth these crazy misfits on the ballot leaving no other choices. They bring nothing but shame to AZ.


pioneerfamily: We haven't agreed on everything, but I wholeheartedly concur with your statement. The rot doesn't always begin with the head; it often begins with the core. (Or in this case, "the base.")


For a good example of the fear mongering of the Right, one need look no further than the CPAC convention going on right now. They wheel in a bigger than life size golden idol of trump that the attendees fawned over. Ted Cruz mocked the MSM over their reports of his Cancun trip where he left his constituents freezing and dying while he got away to warm beaches. The speakers are still screaming that the election was stolen while, just like the 60 court cases that got thrown out, provide no evidence of vote fraud other than "people are saying". They're still pumping the lie that antifa attacked the capitol on Jan 6. The bottom line is, the modus operandi of "lie, rinse, repeat" which got trump into the WH is still the mo of the RIght. They're still screaming Socialism and Communism to cover for the fact that they no policy or platform to run upon. Look to 11 years of "our replacement program for Obamacare will be so much better" and they still have nothing to show for it.

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