How sad that we cannot trust politicians to have our best interest at heart.

How sad that as an elected official, Senator Elizabeth Warren has chosen to destroy her electorate’s constitutional right against harassment by, and subjugation to the federal government.

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Horse Rider

Pay cash.

Bob Smith

Linda, I'm not afraid of the feds creating a gun buyer database because they already have one: you're big on filling out those ATF forms doesn't all that information get digested by the government? Of course it should visit the Snowflake swap meet any given Saturday - it's an open-air arms bazaar with everything one needs to enjoy your 2A right.


This is little more than a paranoid outburst against any means which might deal with the epidemic of gun homicides and injuries in America. I doubt Warren’s efforts will significantly reduce that epidemic. We will see.

This public health emergency cannot be meaningfully addressed unless we implement the following with felony penalties for avoidance:

1. A national firearms registry.

2. A full background investigation of every person seeking to own or have access to a firearm.

3. A complete, professional psychological examination of everyone seeking to own or have access to a firearm with renewal required every five years.

This does not harm lawful gunowners in any way but can greatly reduce the epidemic of homicides and injuries due to firearms. It is our choice.

che guevara

Politics tends to attract those who are the worst among us , and the longer that someone is a politician the more corrupt and/or corruptable they are . If you think that privacy is being infringed upon now , then just wait until they roll - out the Central Bank Digital Currency ( CBDC ) after they finish crashing the economy .

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