After a recent tragedy that struck Pinetop-Lakeside and Show Low, there has been a town unity that I’ve never seen before. As the two cities worked together, amazing things have happened and it shows that rivalries can be put aside and great things can occur for people in our lives. I’ve lived in Pinetop-Lakeside for almost 15 years now and I’ve never really seen the two cities work together and unify to help people in their communities. I thought that it was really special.

I’ve seen that whole towns can achieve successes greater than smaller groups of people ever could. It’s in that unity and helpfulness that lives can change and communities can become better. Town unity is important and I think that that should be encouraged more because it really does make a difference. A town can become prosperous when you have a majority of the town’s population helping in improving our society—not only for current generations but for future generations growing up here in years to come.

The more people that help, the bigger the improvement and change. I’ve seen that idea be proven lately and it’s something I never really thought of previously. After the past events, I think children should be encouraged to help their “neighbors” even if they don’t know each other, because in a town as small as ours, if you don’t personally know someone, you know someone who does know that person, and quite possibly they’re both affected.

I think the merging of different groups in our small little towns have been the most important thing to happen to Pinetop-Lakeside and Show Low combined, and I know this town strength will continue in years to come.

Regan Boro,


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