July 4th 2020

James Dutton

In a few short days America will celebrate her declaration of independence from the tyrannical rule of King George III of England.

Traditionally this is a time of great rejoicing in our nation’s liberty however this year it will be greatly subdued as a direct result of the tremendous governmental overreach in the last few months.

Claiming justification based upon the false premise of a highly contagious and deadly disease threatening our citizens, governors, mayors, county supervisors and town councils have shutdown our nation. The results have been devastating not only to our economy but also to our culture and way of life.

Timid and submissive people hiding behind masks, glaring in fear and anger at those who choose not to, grieving family members forbidden to attend funerals, those with real illnesses kept in solitary confinement and forbidden visitors, businesses forced to work at a diminished capacity and the list goes on.

The CDC’s credibility in regard to COVID-19 is extremely suspect. The astronomical projections of cases grossly overestimated, the mortality rate even with the fraudulent claims attributing other causes of death to the virus hovering at less than 2%, the statements that masks won’t help, the virus can’t tolerate warm temperatures, the curve has flattened, all now being revised and contradicted to extend the calamity.

Americans must remember that the freedom and liberty we enjoy today were sought after and fought for by our forefathers. Many of whom pledged their lives and fortunes to the cause. We must never allow their labor and sacrifice to be discarded or undermined. We must be willing to reject total governmental control over our lives, to defy unconstitutional laws and dictates, to pull together and support one another by exercising our God-given and constitutionally protected rights.

Let’s make this 4th of July a formal declaration of our continued liberty and freedom. Let it be known that “We the People” are standing together in unity to defend our country, its history and its culture. And may God bless the USA once again!

James Dutton,

President of Conservatives for a Constitutional Republic

Former Yavapai Republican Committee Chairman

State Committeeman

Precinct Committeeman

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Looks like Dutton is a committee member of the people's republic of china. Remove all politics and the bottom line is china is releasing deadly germs around the world. Why is comrade dutton avoiding the subject?


The good people at Summit Healthcare who have had to deal with the results of the pandemic in our area might disagree with you on whether people should be wearing masks, and the reasons behind it Mr. Dutton. I would strongly urge you and everyone to watch their latest weekly update on YouTube. I don't know if WMI will allow me to post the link here, but I'll try:


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