Hidden away in the Aug. 25 edition of the Arizona Republic appeared a tiny article relaying that, effective Oct. 1, our neighbors in New Mexico will be licensing people in the U.S. illegally to practice law there.

After my initial eye-roll reaction to how a far-left state can screw up almost anything, I began to look at the potentially widespread ramifications of this.

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"...there’s no point in having any laws if we’re not going to use the ways we have of monitoring and enforcing them."

As in, indicting and prosecuting someone who stole sensitive top-secret and SCI defense documents from the U.S. government - for who knows what reason - and squirreled them away in an insecure closet in Florida? Those kinds of laws?


Federal law allows for states to confer professional licenses on those immigrants who are awaiting determinations of their status, and the ABA recommends these licensures which are now legally in place in nine states, with more to follow. Many of these immigrants are included in the DACA program and have been here since childhood which this author claims to support. Moreover, the professionals earn salaries and pay taxes which contributes to their state’s economies and fills in some chronic gaps in professional employment. The point is that they are legally licensed under federal law.

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