“Everybody get together, try to love one another right now.”

Let’s all try to follow this advice by The Youngbloods from back in the ‘60’s because we have some non-partisan issues that affect all of us and that require that we resolve them in a cooperative and swift way.

The most urgent and all-encompassing problem we have involves our environment. We have been told by the vast majority of scientists that we have about 10 years to turn around what humans are doing to cause the earth to warm up … or it will be impossible to turn it around. That means that we must start now to reduce almost completely the use of fossil fuels and create sustainable and renewable energy sources. The United States did the most in the past to create the problems, so we should lead the way in solving them. A first step would be to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords and fulfill our promises in that pact. Look up the Green New Deal to see how we can accomplish what we need to do to save the world.

At this moment, large areas of the Amazon rainforest are burning because of the greed of companies that want to clear the land. Why should we care? The trees of that rainforest generate 20% of the world’s oxygen. Burning them adds to global warming and reduces our oxygen supply. We need world cooperation to get out of the global warming mode.

Another destructive human act that we can reduce greatly is the waging of war. I pointed out in a previous column the enormous cost of war in lives, harm to the environment and waste of money. Since World War II, the United States has initiated combat often because we wanted to prevent the spread of an ideology or to remove an evil dictator and/or to root out fake weapons of mass destruction. We have meddled in the affairs of other countries and have either accomplished nothing or made conditions worse. Think of the colossal amount of money we could save and use for beneficial purposes if we cut way back on attacking other countries.

The United States can have a great healthcare system if we get together and design one that works for everyone. We need to revise the weird cost setup that has different, mostly high, costs for the same item or service depending on…what? Prices for medications must be made uniform and much lower than they are now. Big Pharma should not be able to raise prices at will. We can put more money toward actual healthcare if we stop throwing money down the health insurance drain. Health insurance companies don’t provide healthcare but they make huge profits for being the “middleman” in the healthcare system.

Since 85-90% of children of school age attend public schools in Arizona, it should be our high priority to make Arizona’s public schools excellent. Excellent schools have excellent teachers and excellent teachers must be paid what their training and responsibilities and hard work merit, but Arizona continues to languish near the bottom of the amount spent per pupil in the U.S. State revenues are down mostly due to tax cuts and loopholes for the rich and corporations, so loopholes must be closed and taxes reinstated in order to improve our public schools. Education is of great importance to the prosperity of the people and the state, so it must be a top priority.

Let’s get together and get started on these issues (and more) RIGHT NOW!

Sheryl Eaton is president of White Mountain Democrats.

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Sheryl, thank you for you positive editorial, but I hate to rain on your parade. If any person stops for a moment to think about why it is our country is spiraling down to where our government is weak, unable, impotent, to accomplish anything that is moral or that provides for the general welfare of the citizens of the U.S. and for our world. Look no further, it is by design. The republican party ideology is one that embraces a United States government so weak that it is subserviant to corporations and the wealthy. It is the party of negativism. They oppose anything good that government does that helps out the average citizens and the poor amongst us. For instance, the republican party opposes Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, V.A. Healthcare,SNAP, Obamacare healthcare, public education,enviromental regulations that protect the quality of our air, water, our atmosphere and wildlife. Moreover, the republican party is against fixing income inequality, women's constitutional rights, anti-voter suppression laws and most of all they hate A FREE PRESS. A weak United States government and a suberviant PRESS and Electronic Media is essential for the republican party to turn our country from a Democracy to a Fascist Corpratocracy. There is a reason Donald Trump has nuetered the Justice Dept., the Intelligence agencies, the Judiciary courts, and has registered his hatred of the FREE PRESS. To Trump and his republican supporters,"Money has no Motherland" and there is no such thing as "Corporate Social Responsibility," let alone being good stewards of our planet. Government programs that are positive, that benefit all americans deflect tax monies that republicans believe should only go to corporations and the wealthy is a Fascist ideology.

A quote from the book "The Rise of Disaster Capitalism," by Naomi Klein:

" A more accurate term for a system that erases the boundries between Government and Big Business is not liberal,conservative or capitalist but corporatist. It's main characteristics are huge transfers of public wealth to private hands, often accompanied by exploding debt, an ever-widening chasm between the dazzling rich and the disposable poor and an aggresive nationalism that justifies bottomless spending on security. For those inside the bubble of extreme wealth created by such an arrangement, there can be no more profitable way to organize a society. But because of the obvious drawbacks for the vast majority of the population left outside the bubble, other features of the corporatist state tend to include aggresive surveillance (once again with government and large corporations trading favors and contracts), mass incarcerations, shrinking civil liberties, and often though not always, torture."

Naomi Klein's quote, as well as the beware the "Military-Industrial Complex" speech by President Dwight D. Eisenhower allude to a system of Fascism in our country where wealthy individuals use the corporate system to control our U.S. government to one of a government "of the corporations, by the corporations, for the corporations," forget the "people."


FASCISM AMERICAN STYLE: The literature concerning the basic tenets of Fascism compares very well with the governing style of Donald H. Trump and his sycophants. While there is no universally agreed upon definition of Fascism, there is consensus around these dominant principles:

1. A fetishistic obsession with the elimination of Socialism(even if entirely fictional), no matter what, while supporting unchecked Capitalism. CHECK.

2. Promotion of extreme nationalism and an authoritarian government. CHECK.

3. Militarism in the name of enhancing national security and imperial power. CHECK.

4. Anti-liberal, even unto surveillance, incarceration and murder. PARTIAL CHECK.

5. Demonization and scape-goating of "others". In Hitler's case this consisted primarily of Jews, Communists and gypsies. In Trump's case it is Muslims, Socialists and immigrants. CHECK.

6. The primacy of the group. Supporting the group feels more important than maintaining either individual or universal rights. CHECK.

7. Believing that one's group is a victim. This justifies any behavior against the group's enemies. CHECK.

8. The belief that individualism and liberalism enable dangerous decadence and have a negative effect on the group. CHECK.

9. A strong sense of community or brotherhood. This brotherhood's "unity and purity are forged by common conviction, if possible, or by exclusionary violence if necessary." "Jews will never replace us." CHECK.

10. Individual self-esteem dependent upon the grandeur of the group. CHECK.

11. Extreme support of a "natural" leader, who is always male. This results in one man taking on the role of national savior while subverting or destroying all other aspects of governance. "Only I can fix it." CHECK.

12. Massive propaganda programs which deceive, exaggerate and lie. CHECK.

To better understand fascism's economic structure, look at who benefits from it. Hitler was heavily backed by the wealthy elite from very early on. Big business (Telefunken, Krupp, BMW, Bayer, etc.) received slave labor, government contracts and so on. PARTIAL CHECK.

In Germany and Italy, fascist government cartels determined many aspects of commerce, finance, agriculture and manufacturing policy, and made decisions according to what would further the state's power; however, they also allowed the conservative business elite to expand property and increase their wealth. The cartels forcibly lowered wages and paid the workers with national pride. PARTIAL CHECK.

Collaboration with capitalists and the conservative elite. CHECK.

Sources: "The Anatomy of Fascism" and 'The Five Stages of Fascism', Paxton; "What is Fascism?" Orwell; The American Historical Association; "Neither Right nor Left", Sternhell.

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