As I begin this column, the U.S. is still in full meltdown over the COVID-19 virus. Thank you, media!

My son, my brother and I have slightly compromised immune systems. My husband and I are elderly as are almost all of our friends. I totally get that if someone you love has died from this or any virus (or gotten hit by a bus) the pain and the “why?” are not buffered by hearing me carry on, so feel free to bail (with my condolences) if you’re in mourning.

If, like me, all you are is staggered by the massive insanity on display, pull up a chair.

Every year, people in this country die by the tens of thousands from the regular flu. Those most likely to die are usually the elderly or those with compromised immunity. The harsh reality is that we get old and we die, often from the flu. Where’s the hysteria over that?

This year, the percentage of pediatric deaths attributed to the regular old flu is at an almost record high. I find that way more frightening than C-19.

Even the CDC doesn’t have the exact number of people who are affected by regular flu because the flu is not a reportable disease in most areas of the U.S. We also have no clue as to how many people in the world either have or had C-19, making all of the percentages being thrown around nonsensical. I was reassured by someone that the ‘statistical modeling’ that these percentages are based on is the same great science that’s used to forecast the weather. How often does your weatherman of choice get it right three days in a row?

If a person got tested for C-19 and was negative, he could be infected by the time he got home with his false sense of security in place. And would probably never know it. According to those dandy statistics, most people recover. Even more might if we weren’t quarantined; the CDC recognizes herd (community) immunity as a valuable tool.

A lot of testing is being done on corpses to determine if C-19 is what killed them, but they’re the only ones whose condition is no longer in flux.

The very best thing that could (but won’t, I realize) come from this fabricated frenzy would be for consumers to demand that manufacturers of everything from pharmaceuticals to tech components (and TP!) quit using what is essentially slave labor overseas and bring those industries home to the US. If they go immediately back to business as usual, we’ll be in this fix again. The definition of insanity, right? The US should not be reliant on China for anything essential. Sure, we want robust trade with them, but let them stock the dollar stores, not the pharmacies that save our lives or the tech industry that supplies our defense and communications systems.

Why have we left ourselves in such a vulnerable position? Also importantly, why are we allowing ourselves to be manipulated into this chaos?

Leslie Baker is a native Arizonian retired from the construction and real estate industries. Her book, “Fireworks!” is available on Amazon. Leslie and her husband, Phillip Mojica, live in Linden.

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Lee Bertay

One word - greed - by globalists.

Comparisons to the flu aren't direct. You DON'T want to get this. It's up to all of us to prevent infection.

The Beijing Chicoms are like the Alien in Independence Day, despite the demrat love for them.

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