Rather than completely destroying the American economy, how about telling Pres. Trump to request that everyone who is over age 70 to quarantine themselves until the coronavirus has run its course? The government could also provide assistance to all these people helping them stay home. The cost of doing that could be one percent of the $1.5 trillion or more we’re currently looking at to support companies, small businesses and people unemployed by the virus.

My wife and I would not object to staying home if we were called upon to save America. I believe there are tens of millions more who would do the same. This would allow everyone else to go back to work and re-start our economy! Remember that the majority of people dying are 80+ with underlying health issues.

Ray Jussila,

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Great idea for "old folks" to stay home, but the virus can still infect and kill those who are young. This is not just some flu, it is a constantly mutating virus that humans have no immunity to since it mutated from animals. We can not act like if you are under 50 you are bullet proof! That would be crazy![scared]


Ray Jussila, your ignorance is alarming.

Please try to stay up-to-date with what is going on.

Young adults ages 20 to 44 make up nearly one-third of U.S. coronavirus cases, CDC says


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As of 3 days ago, the CDC (a whole lot more reliable than CBS) stated that 80%of US deaths are aged 65+. Of course, if you're compromised health-wise, you should take care of yourself and be considerate of others no matter your age. Keep in mind that NO ONE has any clue how many cases of C-19 there are; certainly many, many more than the ones who have tested positive. Because of that, all calculations and statistics are guesswork. The percentages would plummet if the true number of cases was known. Which it never will be because most people recover without ever knowing that they had it.

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