Heartbroken again. Another cop has been killed doing scut work that the people he was trying to protect wouldn’t dirty their hands with. And a good many of those in that neighborhood would have been quick to spit on him if he had shown up at one of their oh-so-meaningful demonstrations of solidarity with the cause-du-jour on the courthouse steps.

People, get your priorities straight and know this:

1] The cops are the good guys.

2] Guns are inert objects.

3] Mental health ‘professionals’ are often nuts themselves.

Statistics are super malleable and I hate using them, but sometimes nothing else works. In round numbers:

30,000 total gun-related deaths per year in U.S

-19,500 or 65% are suicide-

- 5,100 or 17% are drug/gang related

- 4,950 or 16.5% other; including justified police shootings

- 450 or 1.5% are mass shootings

If you take gang violence and suicide out of gun statistics, the U.S. gun homicide rate of 5,400 looks similar to other G20 countries; ie: nearly non-existent.

Separately, for comparison, 40,000 Americans die annually from drug overdose; 36,00 from the flu, 34,000 in car accidents and 600 in ATV accidents.

And we’re concerned about the GUNS? When two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides who would use a car, drugs or a razor if they had to?

Just imagine if all of that outrage (and funding) was poured into finding a cure for the flu or actually eradicating drugs and gangs (irrespective of their friggin’ rights) or building mental institutions and lobbying for the repeal of laws which have kept lunatics, gangs and drugs on the streets for 30 years and counting. (Thank you ACLU!)

We need to get real about the mental health monster in this country rather than trying to blame inanimate objects for destruction brought on by lunacy. Get those poor people who were turned out onto the streets in the 1980s and beyond to ‘fulfill their potential’ off the streets and into facilities to be cared for.

The cops are one of the few barriers between us and mayhem.

I am always going to give every cop every benefit of every doubt until all the facts are in. If you want statistics on how many cops are bad cops, go to Google and find them yourself. The bad ones need punishment, just as bad doctors, teachers and ministers do, are you going to damn them all?

Cops do work and put up with crap that no one gets paid enough to do. They’re cursed at and see things that most of us couldn’t stomach. Every day. Every day they leave home knowing what awaits them. And yet they do it while hoping that they and their fellow police officers get to go home that night. Alive.

These people are often the only barrier between you and catastrophe, give them the thanks and respect they deserve for trying to protect you and your family.

Leslie Baker lives in Linden.

Leslie Baker lives in Linden.

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Wow. Looks like Leslie Baker get's her "facts" from Ted Nugent's FB page. Now there's an unbiased, stable news source.

Here's some facts:
Compared to 22 other high-income nations, the U.S. gun-related murder rate is 25 times higher.[14] Although it has half the population of the other 22 nations combined, the U.S. had 82 percent of all gun deaths, 90 percent of all women killed with guns, 91 percent of children under 14 and 92 percent of young people between ages 15 and 24 killed with guns.

As to the police; they deserve our respect. Yes there's a few bad ones and unfortunately they are often the only ones we hear about. People are only interested in bad news. Very few stop to read a story about how a cop made a positive difference in somebody's life.


Humm,Guns, heroin, cocaine, meth, poisons, vehicles, bombs,dynamite are just a few of hundreds of inert, inanimate objects that should not be controlled by laws? If guns don't kill people, neither does heroin, poisons, vehicles, bombs, dynamite, etc. so why have laws against the posession and use of all those inanimate,inert objects? Moreover, if you respect and value the lives of our law enforcement officers, you will oppose the gun manufacturers that saturate our country with firearms that can kill officers at a faster, deadlier rate. In the arms race between law enforcement and the criminals, the gun manufacturers are supplying the criminals with faster,deadlier firearms. There is a reason that our law enforcement officers are now outfitted like the military.


Kahuna: Excellent.


I went with the BBC and came up with this for gun related deaths in 2016:
33,594 Deaths
22,938 Suicides
14,415 Homicides (71 was mass shooting)
1,305 Other (accidental and war related)
Reference Source CDC/Mother Jones


Che: Where are you these days?

che guevara

WMI Editor ; I posted a comment yesterday, Thursday May 16th . To date it still has not posted . Is there a problem ?


That was the most unprofessional piece of writing I've ever read. Who decides what gets published on this site? So much ignorance. Tunnel vision, it'll destroy you. People need to learn to see from other perspectives or there is just no hope for humanity.

che guevara

Ron : I will again attempt to respond to you , however it seems to be a mystery as to if comments get posted or disappear into a black hole . The comment that I had originally posted on May 16th vanished , yet strangely enough my inquiry to the editor regarding the disappearance of my posting did get posted - rather odd indeed . Unlike in years past , the recurring issues with this forum seem to be chronic .

Due to having had a couple of deaths in the family these past few months , and having to deal with subsequent problems which arose , my participation in this forum ceased . Additionally , I have taken a couple of trips back to New Jersey to spend some time with my elderly parents who are in poor health , especially my mother who is suffering from advancing Alzheimer's . The calendar shows no mercy .

Aside from this , I have been spending as much time as I can fly fishing in our pristine mountain streams , working on elevating my bird watching skills from amateur to intermediate level , reading as often as I can , and doing some work from time-to-time ( much to my continued protest ) . Perhaps some reignited participation in the forum may again prove to be an enjoyable distraction .

In any event , let's now see if this comment gets posted .


A bit off topic, but Che is correct. Has there been yet another changing of the guard at WMI? Has there been another policy change concerning the opinions and comments section. I have yet to see three comments that I have submitted. Being retired, I'm not about to start laboring at anything. If a new guideline is in place, please put that in print. Che, good to hear from you, and I wish you and yours wellness and safety.


Che...So sorry to hear of your family's losses. Glad you're taking some time for yourself and enjoying why we all live here! Like everyone on this site, my comments are often not posted, so I sincerely hope you see this and know that Tizne and I think of you.


Che: My condolences to you and your family. I was concerned that you might have incurred some mishap. Ron


Che, Welcome back. Wish you and your family well. Keep up your well informed posts.

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