Last week I was driving down Main Street at the border between Springerville and Eager when the most amazing thing happened.

I was carefully doing 35 m.p.h. when a large silver horse trailer suddenly shot out into the street under its own power in front of me. There was no pickup truck connected to it. It was just a rogue trailer driving itself into traffic, something that could be very dangerous but this time it was quite hilarious.

I admit that I have never before seen a horse trailer traveling on its own and the thing was actually quite graceful as it consumed the four lanes of Main Street.

I quickly slowed my car and maneuvered to block the road, turning my 4-way flashers on in the process.

All of the traffic on Main Street in Springerville came to a quick halt.

I sat there for a moment thinking I could just drive around it, but thought, “what if it were me in this situation.”

I got out and walked over to the trailer to see what help I possibly could be. I had major surgery two months ago and can’t do any heavy lifting right now. As I approached the large silver trailer, I wasn’t alone.

A small army of men were there in an instant to help.

I finally saw the owner of the trailer as he parked his pickup in the middle of the four-lane road.

I asked him, “What did you do?” He answered jokingly, “I’m not sure.”

One of the men said, “This thing it too heavy to just lift up,” while another man shouted, “What if a few of us got on the back and made the tongue lighter.”

Well I can do that, so I and four other guys quickly became ballast on the back of the trailer as the rest of the army picked up the tongue of the large trailer and rolled it backwards into a parking lot.

We stood there a few seconds to admire the accomplishment, but everyone realized that the road was still blocked by our vehicles.

We all went back into the cabins of our cars and trucks and just drove off.

Later, as I recanted the incident in my head, I realized that the army of men who jumped out and moved that heavy trailer without notice represents the community we live in.

Those men didn’t think of themselves, their time or if they might become injured. Instead they were simply there for a neighbor who was in need of help on a dark day.

I commend these men for doing the right thing and solving a community issue that stopped everyone from completing their daily errands.

The kindness of strangers is something that has been disappearing in modern times. Not too many years ago, neighbors met in their back yards and talked over the fence. Today we likely don’t even know their names.

We seem more concerned with what our neighbor is saying on Facebook and if they support the Republicans or the Democrats.

We somehow developed into a nation of us and them — where people are not judged by their character but rather their spouting of words on a website. We are divided because we believe or don’t believe wearing a breathing mask in a global pandemic will help.

Do you realize how insane this all sounds?

I am proud of the group of people who jumped out of their vehicles and moved that horse trailer out of the way.

For a brief moment, I became a member of a community that made things better, yet we were all total strangers.

None of us celebrated in our volunteer efforts. We just drove away into the sunset.

It was like a modern-day scene out of an old Western movie and everyone is a hero.

I don’t know how the trailer became free and traveled across Main Street. I don’t think I really need to know, and no one is to blame for this moment in time.

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Great story! There are still people like that in this world. I ran out of gas on the Duce a while back testing the limits of my E as I was trying to get my rewards discount at the Safeway gas station. Of course it happened on the upslope part and trying to push my car alone wasn't going to happen. But to my surprise a bunch of guys from the gym saw my struggle and helped me push it to safety. The world is not too far gone to save I think.


That’s what I love about our small towns (as there are the 2 of them together) the people in this community are always willing to help one another, no matter who u are, or what the situation is.. that’s why I keep coming home.. I love the place I have resided in for the last 35 years.. Thank u all of the people that live in the towns of Springerville and Eagar!!

dangerous trailers

Over 550 men, women and children will die in 2020 and an additional over 1,500 horses by these loose trailers. No safety chain laws in 7 states.

dangerous trailers

Here is the horses

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