Last week, I described six American babies, born on July 4: a blond white boy, red-headed white girl, daughter of undocumented Mexican parents, boy of Middle-Eastern descent, Native American girl, and gay black boy. All except the blond white boy have inborn characteristics of gender, race, ethnic origin and/or sexual orientation that people with historical power dislike, even hate.

It is probable that most of these babies will be born into poverty, a burden in addition to their inborn, unchangeable characteristics. The blond white boy can be included here, too. Wealth and income inequality, often the result of long-standing oppression, cruelty, violence and prejudice, is the great un-equalizer in our country.

Let’s go all-in for the first method of overcoming the babies’ problems. If every human suddenly remembers that every other human was once an innocent newborn baby and that every other human is therefore basically good, we can drop the racism, hate and prejudice. The “reasons” for those negative feelings are bogus. People are born certain ways that they can’t help, and there’s no reason to hate them for it. We can smile at each other, talk with each other and have compassion for those whom history has put into difficult situations.

The United States must upgrade its infrastructure soon and the world must reverse the results of global warming very soon or dire situations will get much worse, possibly catastrophic. The US must lead in the global warming reversal because we did the most to create the problem. Both of these monumental projects will require major resources and many workers. We have to figure out how to match people living in poverty with jobs that can be done near where they live or perhaps move them to the jobs. We are intelligent people who can figure out how to do whatever we set our minds and hearts to do, but we will need huge amounts of money to upgrade the infrastructure, reduce/eliminate the causes of global warming and turn to renewable, sustainable energy.

If we all respect and like each other, we will have no need nor desire for war. We can bring our troops home, stop killing and maiming people, stop supplying others so they can maim and kill, and still retain a great defensive force to protect ourselves if needed. The vast amount of money we will save as a result of cutting at least 80% of our military budget can go toward our two projects. Add in more taxes on the ultra-rich and the removal of tax loopholes for the large corporations that make very large profits, and we have enough resources to get far into our tasks.

The more people who are working, the more money is generated through sales tax, more buying of goods, more buying of houses, etc. People who have what is considered a low standard of living can lift themselves up to a more secure lifestyle. There is no rule that says that we have to have people living in poverty for the economy to work. It is detrimental to the people and to the country if poverty prevails. The opioid epidemic must be addressed, and plentiful, available jobs can go a long way to helping cure it.

We all have to approach our situation honestly. Those who live comfortably must be committed to helping others to achieve such comfort. Those who are currently living in poverty must be committed to seizing new opportunities. This will take some time and a great deal of will. After all, we’ll be trying to alter the results of all of human history.

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che guevara

Ms. Eaton , you appear to be afflicted by what I call EBS - Edith Bunker Syndrome - good for you ! My darling wife is also chronically afflicted with EBS , and I am thankful for this , as she acts as a counterweight to my intrinsic somber and cynical nature . The issues that you have written about are indicative of what I feel are deeper issues which have historically poisoned the consciousness of the human race , and which have subsequently become politicized in an effort to coax the bewildered herd towards wider polarization at the expense of forging a more humane world . A world which we do indeed have the resources and the ability to forge , but sadly enough seem to lack the collective desire to attain . Classifying and condemning any person to a life of poverty , which is thereby a life largely devoid of hope , based upon any factor beyond their control be it ethnicity , race , creed , orientation , physical and / or mental impediment is utterly barbaric . Furthermore , any society which allows this has no right whatsoever to call itself civilized . Society , being the gigantic hoax that it is , has a propensity to label certain individuals as being little more than aggregations of elements thus promoting the ongoing diminution of our truest potentials . I am going to keep this short today , however your mentioning of the appalling monies wasted on military expenditures including provoking endless wars and maintaining an overseas empire is quite correct . Sadly , this is an indication as to just where the priorities of our so - called leaders reside . In an effort to perhaps give you some additional insight into this psychosis I am going to recommend to you that you read a declassified report that was compiled by a government Think Tank between 1964 and 1967 , titled ; Report From Iron Mountain - On The Possibility And Desirability Of Peace ( Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 67 - 27553 ) The crux of the report was to determine if perhaps with the emergence of an atomic world with one primary superpower ( America ) and emerging superpowers ( Russia and China ) and the intensification of the Cold War , that there exists the possibility of ever attaining global peace by way of finding a surrogate for war . The unfortunate results of this report revealed that to the best of mankind's knowledge and ability , there exists no practical surrogate for war , as war remains the primary economic and organizing principle of society , regardless of the nation in question . Further , the larger and more prosperous a nation , the more it must then rely upon war as a tool for survival . Even more distressing was that it was also determined that war provides a thinly - veiled sense of legitimacy to government and even serves to create a need for the expansion of governmental powers . A look at the post 9 - 11 world will buttress this theory . The remaining threads of the Iron Mountain Report suggested that perhaps only existential threats to the continued survival of humanity from either impending catastrophic environmental issues , or the threat of alien invasion may eventually succeed in galvanizing humanity along a new path thus avoiding the need for future wars . However , the Think Tank determined that as yet there is insufficient momentum for such an epiphany of consciousness to ever occur . Bear in mind that this conclusion was arrived at 52 years ago . So then , have we progressed or not ? On any event , gotta go . Edith , where's that beer ?


Edith: Good job of identifying major symptoms of societal ills. You have not, however, even mentioned the primary cause of all these calamities: overpopulation. As I pointed out below, the attitudes of humans are almost entirely taught which means that tribalism, racism, homophobia, ethnophobia, misogyny, religious intolerance, and most other ills are taught, not innate. "When yore makin yore way along a narrow mount'n ledge and you meet a hongry bear comin t'other way, there just ain't no deny'n the sitiation." Henry Fonda, 'How the West Was Won.' Well, our hongry bear is overpopulation and there really just ain't no deny'n the sitiation. Even though the rate of increase has declined to just over one percent, that rate is applied to an ever-increasing base such that we relentlessly add 80-85 millions every year. Unless we take rapid action, through education, universal free contraception, tax benefits for childless persons of reproductive age and legal abortion, on demand, during the first trimester we have no hope of effectively dealing with the symptoms of our various pathologies.


Who would have thought that the day would ever come when Ron Z. and I would even partially agree on anything? Yes, overpopulation is among the worst of our ills and Sheryl doesn't seem to get it.


So Ron you want to pull a Thanos and snap your fingers and half of the worlds population just disappears huh? Well the Avengers will make sure to stop you and your tyrannical ways.


What I'd actually like to see is for people to take responsibility for their own actions. If you can't feed, clothe and shelter your own children, take your birth control pills and don't expect the rest of us to do it for you with our tax dollars.


Thanks 2rusty. Reasoned discourse is always welcome. johndoe: I see you still have your usual reference sources. Of course, anyone who actually read my comment can see that what I have suggested is a global program of increased education for girls and women, along with universal free contraception and instruction, tax benefits for childless couples of reproductive age, free abortions, on demand, during first trimester and free, long-term, reversible sterilization. That envisages a long-term project aimed at systematically reducing the net annual change in population to a negative number with concomitant reductions in the aggregate population. All readers: Paradoxically, we have chosen, as a species, to employ famine, conflict, disease and poverty as the only means by which the global population will be reduced. It continues the historical phenomenon of aristocratic elites relegating the poor to the status of human waste, but the laws of physics are immutable and cannot be bargained with. In a nutshell, we are confronted with a resource-population imbalance which constitutes an existential threat to humankind. Do the math. At a nominal 2000 kcals per day, per person for a population of twelve billions the planet has to yield 2kX12,000,000k=24trillon kcals delivered each and every day to the forks of the hungry. Moreover, 35-40% of all food produced for human consumption is wasted somewhere between source and fork. That means that we must produce at least 37trillion kcals/day just to offset that loss, and that doesn't even count losses from strife and political depredations. In spite of the happy talk from the World Millennium Goals, Jason Hickel documents in 'Third World Quarterly' that in reality, around four billion people remain in poverty today, and about two billion remain hungry – more than ever before in history, and between two and four times what the WMG would have us believe. Yet, quite incredibly, the amount of global arable land per person has declined from 0.95 acres, in 1965, to 0.47acres, in 2016, and will decline to 0.25 acres by 2050. Think of that--just over 8600 square feet to grow all the food and fiber for one person for life, while the land continues to decline. Gaia Vince, reporting for BBC in September 2012, concludes an exhaustive investigation with "Global fish stocks are exploited or depleted to such an extent that without urgent measures we may be the last generation to catch food from the oceans." What is more, large amounts of human food are wasted by their use as animal food. This wastage ratio is in the neighborhood of about 8-10:1. This relentless growth in the human population results in massive emissions from the burning of fossil fuels which is the cause of global warming, not even to mention the environmental wreckage we are making of the planet with trash, industrial by-products and environmental poisoning. It engenders similar damage from the rapid consumption of non-renewables as well as the overdraft of fresh water resources. This planet can sustain about one billion persons at the average living standard of a middle class American. Let's see now---------------------------------?


typical liberal hog wash


Russ: Your well researched, thoughtful and insightful comment is noted. Minus three biscuits.


GLOBAL WARMING!! Almost as big a threat as RUSSIA and the rise of WHITE NATIONALISM!!. All BS ginned up by greedy and power hungry politicians and their lapdogs in the media hellbent on squeezing every available dollar from our pockets. You need something to worry about? Our porous southern border is transforming this country, and not in a good way.


Ron I do agree with one thing you said, there should be a tax credit to those like me who do not have children instead of the complete opposite that we have now. People get extra money back on their taxes for each kid. I know people who make $25000 a year, but they have 3 kids so they get a $6000 tax refund??? How is that fair? They "tax" the system more with their kids and receive food stamps on top of that, and then get a huge "refund" when they didn't even put that much into the till to begin with. Something very wrong about that.

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