Tate's closed

Tate’s Auto Group abruptly closed last week due to a bankruptcy proceeding.

On behalf of my dad, Forrest Tate, I am taking it upon myself along with my brothers, Bob, Terry and Charlie, to express how sorry and embarrassed we are to learn of the tragic events leading up to the recent closing of our father’s car dealerships.

First and foremost, we are extremely sorry to all the employees (including myself) who lost their jobs.

For the past 40 years and back when my dad was at the helm of his business (which has been several years now since he stepped out), he prided himself on building from the ground up an honest, employee and customer-friendly workplace. And, “Tate’s Auto” who many of us have grown to know over all of these years, was exactly that.

To all of you who have supported the “Tate’s,” we sincerely thank you for all of your support and also deeply apologize for the hurt and anguish this is causing in and on your families. For the last several years the dealerships have been managed and operated with no Tate involved or in charge, regardless that the Tate name was on the store fronts. This would never have happened had our dad still been the leader.

Again, on behalf of the four of us Tate boys, and all of our families, we are embarrassed and sorry for the bad decisions and mismanagement made by those who were in control, which has caused the closure and end to Tate’s Auto that we all grew and loved.

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