Since its founding in 2013 by several faith-based and community organizations, the annual Fast of Compassion has turned into an extremely successful grass-roots endeavor to help those in need during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.

Once again, we are resuming our community effort to encourage our fellow citizens to embrace this time in fasting one or two meals during the week and donating the monies saved to the Fast.

This year’s Fast will run from Sunday, Nov. 8, through Saturday, Nov. 14, although you can give all the way through the end of the year. Donations can be made at any of the local banks: Chase, National Bank of Arizona; Western Federal or Arizona Central Credit Union and the Show Low City City Hall. Just identify your gift to the teller as a Fast contribution. Also, you can contribute at the Fast website: The Fast is a non-profit, 501©3 organization.

Every contribution goes directly to helping others. There are no administrative costs, overhead, or other expenses. Any additional funding would allow us to help even more individuals and families this season.

Those organizations and institutions, who received funds in the past included all the local schools, including charter schools, private schools and child care centers; organizations like Salvation Army; Christian Community Outreach;Walking Down Ranch; the Family Advocacy Center, and Living Hope Women’s Centers. Also, funds were given to service organizations like Meals on Wheels; the local VFW, and the Elks Lodge, Local food banks were also helped. Most recent, the White Mountain Coalition Against Homelessness was included.

Giving funds to organizations who are in direct contract with those in need has proved the best avenue to get the help where it’s needed.

We’ve received back reports from these groups about those that they’ve been able to help. Much of the school help goes to children who need winter clothing. Helping organizations, like the Salvation Army and the CCO, have used funds to house people and pay their utility bills. Funding has also benefited our veterans, single moms and the homeless.

With these hard times, caused by the COVID-19, there are many more people who need assistance. Your kind gifts will make their days better, together as a community we can bless many this season.

You have the thanks and appreciation of the Fast Committee: Steven Williams, Pastor Stephen Heckathorne, Pastor Tom Brown, Mayor Daryl Seymore, Becky Clark and Kyle Beecroft, as well as the many recipients who have been blessed by your generous donations in years past.


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