There is no doubt that UFOs exist. By definition, a UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object, meaning whoever saw it could not identify it as an object they were familiar with at that specific time under those specific circumstances and in that particular setting.

That having been said, it is important to realize that the human brain will attempt to explain the unknown or unfamiliar, often in error.

Take for example the great pyramids of Egypt.

Modern historians have tried to decipher the riddle of how ancient Egyptians quarried, transported and lifted the multi ton sandstone blocks into place. A multitude of explanations have been offered, some plausible and some not.

One explanation from fringe groups is that they were either built by alien visitors or that those same visitors somehow educated the ancient Egyptians how to do it.

Others believe they may have been built as markers or beacons to accommodate regular alien visitations. Most historians acknowledge they were build as tombs for the pharaohs.

I personally believe the people of Egypt built them on their own and that not giving them credit for having the intelligence and knowledge to do so is arrogant on the part of modern man and a disservice to the ancient Egyptians.

The huge stone sarcophagi found in many of the pyramids attest to their having been used to house the preserved mummies of Egyptian rulers. Modern explorers found the overwhelming majority of the ones so far discovered empty, but that is only because during ancient times, when the tombs were robbed for treasure, the ancient Egyptians moved all of the mummies to a secret location to keep them safe.

Some people believe that the geoglyphs seen on the Nazca Plains of Peru were actually runways built to provide aliens who visited the earth a place to land their spacecraft.

Runways designed to accommodate craft with fixed wings would seem to be the only thing they could have been used for, since they are so long.

One has to wonder why anyone would contemplate that an alien race that is supposed to have been so much more advanced than ours would utilize fixed wing aircraft that have no aerodynamic qualities in the void of outer space.

Additionally, if they did come to earth, why would they choose an extremely remote location where there were few people? Fear of being harmed by superstitious inhabitants bearing spears, clubs, bows and arrows or other weaponry perhaps?

Probably not, because if they were so far advanced, they would be well-equipped to deal with rowdy natives either on a lethal or non-lethal level.

The plausible explanation is that since the Nazca lines could not be explained by the first modern explorers who encountered them, that same person’s brain associated the geoglyphs with what it could understand, which was earthly runways used around the globe for fixed wing aircraft.

There are some who believe that ancient gold jewelry found in Egypt depicts supersonic aircraft that modern man is familiar with. There is a carved wooden object that was also found in Egypt that resembles a bird in flight, which some think may indicate the ancients had at least a basic concept of flight.

Wind tunnel tests have shown the model can not fly, but I personally have no doubt that the possibility exists that they may have had a basic understanding of aerodynamics, but not the knowledge to do anything with it. Slight alterations of the tail by modern researchers did allow it to fly for some distance.

Logic indicates that it is more plausible that it was a carving intended as a child’s toy or perhaps a household decoration.

Likewise the jewelry was likely the artists stylized interpretation of birds.

I am of the opinion that the ancient peoples of the world do not get the credit they deserve for innovation and intelligence. The ancient Greeks built self-propelled, steam-driven three-wheeled carts and other things that can only be described as machines full of gears that drove mechanisms. But alien visitors imparting that knowledge to them is just not fair to the human inventors of long ago who actually deserve the credit for thinking outside the box.

As for the gold jewelry that some say are depictions of ancient aliens’ supersonic jet-like aircraft?

Perhaps they were simply stylized depictions of birds, like stylized modern jewelry.

Then there is the now-famous hieroglyph in the Abydos temple that appears on the surface to resemble an Apache attack helicopter. The logical explanation is that it is well-known that hieroglyphics carved in sandstone were re-worked from dynasty to dynasty in ancient Egypt, and that is what happened with the one in the Abydos temple.

No alien influence there.

All of this having been said, I need to say that when I was much younger (yes there was such a day), I was sitting in the front yard of friends Mark and Billy Parsons in Albuquerque, N.M., in 1968 when we witnessed what I believe was a UFO from another world. It moved slowly across the evening sky until it hovered over Netherwoods Park for a few minutes, then shot into space in just seconds.

All I can say for certain is that I saw something in the sky I did not recognize and could not explain.


I am of the opinion that intelligent life does exist elsewhere in the cosmos. I am also of the opinion that they are very likely much more advanced than we and probably in a form unrecognizable to human kind.

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wes alderson

Mike, I agree with everything you said. Statistics alone make it obvious that life (some of it intelligent life) exists else where in the Universe. Whether or not that life has vitisted us in a different question, and the answer is that it is much less likely, though still logically possible.

Let's remember that if you identify a UFO, it is not longer a UFO, because the U stands for Unidentified. Therefore, it becomes an IFO - an identified flying object.

-Pastor Wesley.


"Hey, Santa, pass us that bot'....oh no, we've done that".

Ian Anderson


I believe in ULO's.( Unidentified Living Objects) . Most of them live out east for town][beam][wink][smile]


Mike did a nice job on this. Wes is right that the math shows us that the mega-verse fairly teams with life. In view of the fact that, on average, other life systems would have been evolving much longer than us, they can rightly be expected to be more advanced. No guarantees, of course. Traveling to earth is a different matter. The laws of physics restrict travel speeds to sublight values unless one envisions something like wormholes or bending space-time. Very dubious stuff.

UFO's are a real hoot. Consider the term itself: Unidentified - Flying - Object. The term "unidentified" is wrong. In every case where science has evaluated claims, the explanation has been natural phenomena. "Flying" is also wrong. Most "sightings" have been proved to be from lights, weather events, shadows, etc., which cannot be deemed as flying at all (I call your attention to the spacecraft depicted in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' - all man made). The term "objects" is wrong as well. Nearly all investigations have shown them to be non-substantial phenomena.

I submit that the more accurate term is: Imaginative Atmospheric Phenomena.


My black lab attacked a flying object thinking it was a Frisbee. The little guys inside were really irate, but settled down after a little red wine. After telling them Wes was recuperating in California they flew off.
This peyote they left me is great.

Garson Poole

You people show you hard heads by laughing down a serious subject. In the Spring of 1999, I stood on a trail one midnight in Woodland Park and watched a spiinning ball land in one of them meadows out there. At least 20 or 30 naked women run out there and danced in a circle under the full moon chanting something woo woo woo. Some of them got taken into that globe. Never came back. How dare you say this did not happen/ Bigots.


Tn4994 what do you know about peyote? [offtopic]
I was disappointed ,I didn't make it out there to hear Travis speak. Will there be another date set to see you Travis.
I believe I saw a metal object flying across the sky while playing in the fields of Colorado. I was young but what I saw was nothing like I seen.


Your UFO was really my iron frying pan; I accidently threw it after picking it up and discovering the handle was still hot.


"...the human brain will attempt to explain the unknown or unfamiliar, often in error" - excellent point.

You have succinctly pointed out the source of much of the UFO phenomenon. It now applies to the ancient alien thinking. This misidentification of the unknown has occurred throughout our history to witchcraft, sea monsters, unseen magical forces, etc. We must be careful to not believe in someone else's opinion, without strong evidence. Thank you for your essay. Well said.


I always seem to be in some other place when 20 or 30 naked women are dancing around chanting "woo, woo, woo"!

Thomas Turk

If you have read this far, you must be wondering why nasa, seti, astronomers or the Govt. don't outright admit that aliens exist. Or you may be hoping that soon there will be full 'exposure' of et.

Move ahead of that, open, and, read The Pkeiadian Mission by US psychologist Randolpgh Winters. Watch his uTubes of the Billy Meier case.

You will/may be quite surprised to lwarn that we have open, civilian conact with et, this race sharing common ancestry with many of us. They live 500 light years distant, reach here in 7 hours or a millionth of a second, depending on the ship used. They are 12,500 years ahead of us on tech , medicine. spiritual knowledge and Creational Laws. (Their faster ship was on loan/demo from a race in a parallel Universe far more advanced than they)!

If this overwhelms you, because nasa etc didn't bring you this news, and you feel like screaming.. it must be fraud, consider that Swiss contactee Meier published data given him by et about our solar system, sometimes years ahead of nasa's discoveries.


Yep, peyote and other drugs will help one see UFO's


Russ: What? Peyote's a drug? [crying]
There was no warning by the U.S. Surgeon General on the label. (I can't remember if it came in a package or not. But there were no naked women, just that joint smoking iguana.


One would think with all the excellent technology, camera's with 10-20 pixels, cell phone cameras, etc...we would have just one clear picture of the UFO. A good question would be, why would UFO's have wing marker lights, really?

Rick Slo Low

The aliens came to the mountain looking for intelligent life?


[beam]lol..frying pan...Do you know what a pan is? Music man ?
Besides, what do you know about my awesome state of Colorado! You must be out of your little mind.
I'm moving out of this crazy town soon!

Rick Slo Low

I would move too,but"they" would just bring me back.

wes alderson


There is another factor which I intentionally left out of my comment about statistics and intelligent life in the Universe. First of all, of course I used the word Universe poorly, because of the current strong belief that there are multiple universes and that they are probably infinite in quantity. This sort of statement, truth be darned, tends to agitate some of the . . . er . . . . less capable minds compared to yours.

However, if the volume and mass of the multiverse is infinite, that means that there IS other intelligent life. Mainly, because out of an infinite number, everything must happen unless we pose a declining ratio toward an asymptot.

Anyhow, if we divide an infinite number by the odds of a trillion to one (or by any finite number) you know that the result of that multiplication is also infinite. Ain't it too bad our neighbors live a gazillion light years away?

Back in a discussion group having to do with Einstein's Cosmological Constant, one lady who had put on a lot of weight, said, "excuse me," as she unclipped her bra and took her first deep breath that evening. She said, "Ahhh. I just knew that Cosmological Constant was too tight."


Rick did the aliens probe you?


Awww, Russ is trying to have a sense of humor.

Forget it, God doesn't allow it.

Rick Slo Low

Have Jeff and K enlisted the help of Marvin the Martian to get that wascally Obama? Will Wes's trip to the planet Mongo meet with sucess? Will RonZim and Doctor Zarkoff save us?Stay tuned to the Independent for breaking news on these historic events.


Has anyone ever thought that some of these ‘aliens’ might be “Black Ops” outfits flying aircraft that were manufactured at a “Skunk Works” in Area 51 or a like establishment?

I have heard that unmarked black helicopters were often seen immediately after a UFO sighting.




Marc: Mr. Walton was in a Air Force training route on the night in question. Several company prototypes (stealth) were under evaluation at the time in question.


Well, I would say it is possible this whole thing may have been a scheme by "Black Ops" playing some kind of mind game.

Stealth aircraft often are very different in design/style from conventional fixed-wing or rotarty-wing aircraft.[huh]

George Levey

All you people press the borderlines of mental disorders. Accept what you see and here with your own eyes and ears. For your information, there is a tribe of 29 Wicca Witches here on the Mountain and they meat every month at Full Moon, in Woodland Meadows, join hands, and dance naked, chanting this or that. I couldn't tell what it was they were singing. My girl friend is a member of this group an it's limited to women only so don't get no ideas.

Winona Litewater

Yes we do have the Full Moon Circle and yes all ladies are welcome if you take the pledge. Don't you go making fun of the rest of us us Tasha. I don't blame you for moving away though cause its not good when people start recognizing you at work.


Marc actually makes a good point about Black Ops....for once.

If the man wants you gone, you're as good as "abducted"....or some other form of missing.

However, if Marc doesn't watch out, he might wind up missing by the Czarnazicrats or whatever he calls them on a consistent basis. Bushie the Secondara initiated the spy on citizen game, and now Obomba the Predator Enforcer is just waiting for his chance to take down all non-hope-believers.

Don't worry, Marc, he's only removing broken seashells from the beach.


No biscuits, just road apples for all. [beam]

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