I had often wondered, as Desert Mountain Energy (DME) exhorted the value of the helium in the area, “ why aren't the big boys here?” Well, they are coming!

Today the Arizona Oil and Gas Commission (AOCC) announce that in their next meeting Halliburton will present on acid stimulation. (fracking by another name)

Of course a big corporation like Halliburton takes a while to mobilize, but once going they maneuver with the responsiveness of a super tanker.

Thinking they were presenting to a friendly audience, they showed a slide of failed stimulation where they had lost the acids into the strata. They were talking about how they fix such a problem, but over the Coconino aquifer it might be better just to eliminate such problems before they happen.

We have recently submitted legal and geological challenges to Aquifer Protection Permits that the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) was intending to issue to Prize Energy.

I usually like to stay with data, so here's five things we know.

1. DME have confirmed Helium with substantive flow at their two wells near Hay Hollow, which have now been capped.

2. ADEQ are intending to issues permits to Prize Energy to allow acid fracking in Apache County.

3. Prize Energy have no record of drilling.

4. ADEQ is re-writing its underground injection policies.

5. Halliburton are presenting on acid fracking to the AOCC the organization that issues drilling permits

So here's the conspiracy theory;

Normally a company would apply for a drilling permit and do wild cat drilling. If they found helium they would apply for an acid fracking permit.

The procedure can be quite time consuming. So rather than explain to AOCC the acid fracking procedure for each well, present once ahead of multiple drilling permit applications.

Have a paper company procure aquifer protection permits ahead of drilling and then transfer the permit to the drilling company as needed.

This to me, in my experience, feels like a larger mobilization is behind what we can actually see.

In 2005, Dick Cheney pushed through the Energy Policy Act .This bill exempted the oil and gas industry from protections under the Clean Air Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act, and Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), commonly known as Superfund. They don't have to declare what toxic fluids they are using in the extraction process.

Its no coincidence that this is generally referred to as the Halliburton loop- hole!

For more into visit www.POWAZ.org

Dr. K. L. Gibson,


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