As our world crumbles around us, I miss the “good old days.”

Watching the nightly news on television upsets your stomach, violates your sensibilities and destroys whatever hope you began that day with.

I suddenly realize our American society has degraded to a point where we are no longer united but divided.

The people of the United States used to talk about loving their neighbor. Where did that go?

Today, we are Democrats or Republicans, maskers or anti-maskers or us and them.

We can’t succeed as a society until we finally accept our neighbor for being our neighbor. They don’t have to follow your political views. They don’t have to spew your political beliefs out of their mouths to be your friend.

It remains a mystery how yelling, cursing, protesting, name calling or spouting out random thoughts could change the political views of another person.

Politicians, and their followers, gather to the left and gather to the right, then clash online, in the newspaper or on the television set. Each side declares victory and doesn’t really move on. They just gather back in their corners to do all over again the next day.

No one wins and our nation continues to suffer.

It is time to stop this nonsensical bickering for the good of our country and ourselves.

We are in a world of hurt here folks and we have a lot of problems to solve.

The COVID-19 world pandemic has taken over our lives and everyone has to be careful to avoid it. We’re staying home as much as we can. We stick to our own family groups or to ourselves. Going to the grocery store has become a scene out of a science fiction movie, as we dawn a mask or respirator, and even surgical gloves, just so we don’t die of this mysterious virus.

Some people are calling the virus a hoax and say wearing a mask won’t help.

I disagree as I find valid scientific evidence to prove that wearing a mask is the best step we can make to curb this pandemic.

But this is my choice and my belief.

If you don’t agree that masks will help, no problem, but what if you’re wrong? You’ve lost nothing by wearing a mask in public if it wasn’t necessary.

Don’t attack me just because I wear a mask in public. Don’t attack me because I believe we have a real public health emergency and don’t attack the people who own businesses when they require you to wear a mask to enter their retail or dining establishment.

It is their private property and these business owners are simply trying to protect themselves and their employees from COVID-19.

If their employees come down with the virus at work, business owners could be libel and even sued for damages. Not wearing a mask could infected another people who could ultimately spread it to someone else.

Even if wearing a mask did nothing, why has it become such a big political battleground subject?

It seems our leaders, from both the left and the right, are using the mask question as a dividing line. Some believe if you’re a Democrat you wear a mask and, if you’re a Republican, masks somehow infringe on your Constitutional rights and freedoms.

Please show me anywhere in the Constitution where is clearly states that you have the right not to wear a mask during a global pandemic health emergency and possibly infect other people.

It all gets back to “Love Thy Neighbor” from the Book of Matthew, which reads, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

My hope is that by reading this you might just become a little more tolerant of everyone else. Perhaps you might refrain from commenting on a Facebook post that someone, who you probably don’t even know, placed on Facebook.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones instead of attempting to jam your political beliefs down a complete stranger’s throat by typing words onto a social media page.

Life is just too short to spend arguing politics with total strangers who are polarized on the “other side.”

But how can I possibly love my neighbor?

That answer is quite easy to find. It is right there in the Bible.

Love your neighbor as you do yourself.

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jim beck

On a recent news clip a story was told about a young man who died in the hospital of COVID. His last words were, "I think I made a big mistake--I should not have attended that COVID party, but I thought it was a hoax." In my opinion, if we want this threat to end sooner or later, we might want to consider whether the virus would end sooner if we all complied with the safety recommendatioons.


Jim: Welcome back.


Good editorial [thumbup][thumbup] Also, a good post from Jim.

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