In the early hours of the morning of Oct. 3, 2017, Defendant Joshua Cade Richardson illegally invaded my daughter’s trailer while wearing dark clothing and a ski mask and carrying several knives and a hockey stick. Richardson immediately assaulted my daughter and her roommate, Larissa, threatened them and demanded they give him the keys to a car or he would harm them. Richardson took their cell phones, held them hostage and terrorized these young women. Somehow, they were able to distract him long enough that they were able to get a message to Larissa’s father about what was happening, and he alerted my wife, TerriLynne Collins. TerriLynne grabbed a firearm and went to confront this dangerous home invader.

I was ripped from a sound sleep in the early morning hours by a call made from my wife’s phone. When I answered the call, I did not immediately hear my wife’s voice but instead heard voices. I realized very quickly that my wife was holding an intruder at gunpoint and that he was very hostile and threatening. Not wanting to disconnect from the call, I immediately conference called my neighbor to ask that she send her husband armed to the trailer to assist my wife. I also called 911 and asked for sheriffs to be dispatched to the trailer. I was told that they were already en route.

I hung up and went back to listening to the voices. I could hear my wife pleading with her murderer not to do “this,” that he was young and stupid and didn’t have to do this, that he didn’t have to make this mistake and that he had his full life ahead of him. Despite being held at gunpoint, he kept inching closer to my wife, demanding that if she was going to shoot him that she shoot him in the head. Repeatedly, she instructed him to step back as police were on their way.

Knowing that police were speeding to the trailer and that his arrest was imminent and his time was running out, Richardson attacked my wife and lunged for the gun and I could hear my wife yell, “run girls, run, run to Barbara’s.” Helplessly, I could only listen as my daughter and her roommate ran from the trailer until the phone disconnected. I did not hear the gunshot that ended my wife’s life but my daughter and her roommate did. And they ran to safety.

Richardson executed my wife with one shot to the center of her forehead. He killed her in cold blood, not in self-defense, to avoid being arrested for breaking into my daughter’s trailer and assaulting her and her roommate. He executed my wife, a God-fearing, Christian mother of six children, grandmother of two, daughter, sister and friend to all those she encountered and amazing woman.

By the time police arrived, my wife had been murdered and Richardson had fled. Richardson’s parents had reported him missing and police investigating my wife’s murder took photos of Richardson and videos taken from inside the trailer to them. They quickly identified the masked murderer to police as their son, Joshua Cade Richardson. He left behind the ski mask and stole and changed clothes from the local Walmart which were recovered and have his DNA on them. Identity of my wife’s murderer is not in question. It is undisputed that Joshua Cade Richardson murdered/executed my wife.

Despite there being no dispute as to the identity of my wife’s murderer, Defense counsel, Cindy Castillo, raised the issue of identity as a defense. Then, Ms. Castillo raised Richardson’s competency to assist in his defense as a way to avoid responsibility for his murdering my wife. Judge Perkins quickly found Richardson competent and able to stand trial. Ms. Castillo reportedly hired experts for, DNA, forensics and to review the photos/videos taken in the trailer. As a last desperate gasp, Ms. Castillo asserted self-defense as a possible legal theory for Richardson’s defense. However, self-defense under A.R.S. 13-404, doesn’t apply because Richardson illegally entered my daughter’s trailer, assaulted her and her roommate and was being lawfully held at gunpoint until police arrived. Murdering my wife so he could escape arrest and incarceration is NOT self-defense under any statute. And no jury in their right mind would agree that it is.

The County Attorney and Defense Counsel sought a “settlement conference” to try to reach a Plea Agreement. With the guidance of the County Attorney, we understood that someone under the age of 18 could not receive the death penalty or life in prison without parole. However, a recent Court of Appeals decision indicated that a minor could receive consecutive sentences for multiple crimes committed at one time. For all of the criminal charges he was charged with, Richardson could get 65 years in prison. Richardson could get 25 years if the sentences were run concurrently.

Despite there being no dispute as to his identity and no legal defense to the murder of my wife, Deputy County Attorney Garrett Whiting offered to settle the case for 20 years in prison with a probationary period of 7 years following his release. That offer was rejected by Richardson and Ms. Castillo. A second settlement conference was requested and ordered.

At the second settlement conference, we, Jim Blakney (TerriLynne’s father), Dottie Blakney (TerriLynne’s stepmother) and myself, were told by Deputy County Attorney that he was going to make an offer of one of two sentencing ranges, either 10-20 years or 5-25 years. No real explanation was given as to why these greatly reduced sentencing ranges were being made other than there was a concern for “jury nullification” due to Defendant’s age at the time of the murder. Jury nullification is illegal and unethical to be argued by Defendant and his counsel. Despite our objections to the ranges, the Deputy County Attorney insisted that he was going to make an offer of one of these ranges and ultimately offered 5-25 years as the sentencing range. Simultaneously, we were told that the criminal charges would be reduced from 1st Degree Felony Murder and the remaining charges to 2nd Degree Murder and 2 counts of Aggravated Assault. As Victims, we agreed not to object to the Plea Agreement but expressed that we were not happy with it. A Change of Plea hearing was scheduled.

Two hours prior to the Change of Plea hearing, I received a letter from the County Attorney indicating that the Plea Agreement would be for Manslaughter, not 2nd Degree Murder as agreed, and one count of Aggravated Assault-Dangerous and one count of Aggravated Assault-Non-Dangerous, again, not what we were told the charges would be. I contacted the County Attorney and objected to the Plea Agreement as not being what was agreed-to. I was told by the Deputy County Attorney that when he went to check the state mandatory minimum sentences for the charges, that 2nd Degree Murder was 10 years and didn’t fit the sentencing range that was agreed to. In fact, I was told that the Manslaughter charge didn’t even fit the sentencing range since it was 7 years, still outside the 5 years but that he was able to get Ms. Castillo to agree to it. I found it hard to believe that a career prosecutor wouldn’t know what the state mandatory minimums were prior to agreeing to a sentencing range.

At the Change of Plea hearing, I was told that the County Attorney and Defense attorney would inform the Court of the discrepancy between the state mandatory minimum for Manslaughter and the sentencing range. That did not occur. Neither the County Attorney or the Defense attorney raised the issue with Judge Perkins at the Change of Plea hearing. I vociferously objected to the Plea Agreement as a travesty and not what was agreed-to at the Settlement Conference. Judge Perkins did not accept or reject the Plea Agreement and instead deferred to Judge Higgins who would be the sentencing judge.

A Scheduling Conference with Judge Higgins was set and held. At the conference, the issue of Victims’ objection to the Plea Agreement was raised. The Court was told by me and my victims’ right counsel, Michael Urbano, that the state mandatory minimum sentence for Manslaughter did not meeting the sentencing range and that it would be subject to a Post-Conviction Remedy motion and would almost certainly be granted. Again, neither the County Attorney, nor the Defense attorney brought this to the Court’s attention. Instead of withdrawing the Plea Agreement and fixing its deficiencies by changing the sentencing range so that 2nd Degree Murder would be the minimum sentence in the range, the Deputy County Attorney has chosen to further reduce the charges from Manslaughter to Negligent Homicide. A case that is a 1st Degree Felony Murder case, a case of cold-blooded murder by execution with no defense to the facts is now being treated as a Negligent Homicide case. The intentional murder and execution of a beautiful wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, and sister is being trivialized as a five-year offense for negligent homicide. It is an outrage.

Is this the type of leadership that the residents of Apache County expect from their County Attorney and his deputies? Reducing 1st degree felony murder to negligent homicide when no legal defense exists? If the Defendant had not been a minor when he murdered and executed my wife, he would be subject to the death penalty or life without parole. Instead of seeking the maximum punishment available, instead of seeking justice for the family and victims, to make a Plea Agreement that is this weak shocks the conscience and does a grave disservice to Apache County. Where is the Justice?

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In sorry for Your Loss..He got away with MURDER......shame on all involved in this Travesty with letting him Slide.... I pray This Act NEVER happens to Your Families


I Kim Blakney still to this day want to pick up my phone and call Terrilynn to hear her voice to get advise and I cant. I sit see pictures of her 6 children and grandbabies who cant get a hug a kiss or advise. Terrilynn cant watch them grow , see her youngest 2 graduate any get married nothing because of criminal ripped that opportunity from all of us.

Josiah Cade Richardson is the one that ripped that opportunity from us all. Our youth today see our justice system as being weak and this is the on going problem with society and we sit and wonder why. Well this is why. We have a very weak and lenient justice system for Mr Richardson to come in my niece's home and commit an execution style murder and look at 5 yrs. What is wrong with what kind of msg are you sending?

Terrilynn was beautiful inside and out. She loved her family dearly and adored her husband. We the family and friends seek justice and seek the correct justice that is deserved at min 45 to life no matter what the age.


This is a grave injustice. The Apache county needs new judges and prosecutors. This kid knew what he was doing. The first degree murder should have been there. All this saying is come to Apache county if you commit a crime all that is going to happen is a slap on hand.


This is absolutely a travesty of Justice. It was a Murder not negligent. the kid absolutely knew what he was doing. I wish I was on the jury.


This is heartbreaking and shows how badly the justice system needs to be overhauled. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. I'm so sorry you all have to experience just how badly we need to relook at things like this.

Mike D.

This is disgusting and horrible. I knew this woman and considered her a dear friend. But I'd be disgusted but this no matter who the victim was. Its bad enough that she was brutally murdered but now the system with its "business as usual" casual approach to prosecuting the murderer is further brutalizing a family that seeks justice. The time to be tough on crime is not just election years. The time is now. If the defense is bold enough to turn down 20 years, where the perp will be 40 with the rest of his life to live, then do your job Prosecutor -- let the jury decide! This sentencing is shameful and an embarrassment. This isn't a "troubled kid" as, sadly, Terrilynne believed when she tried to counsel him during the last moments of her life. He is a cold blooded murderer who took advantage of a woman with a kind heart. We live in a world that is filled with gray areas but this is one terrible example of black and white. Anything less than the maximum sentence is unjust. Anything in the range that's being discussed is a sick joke. Be better Mr. Prosecutor.


I will state before all here, and before God, friends, and family, that there is not a man/women that would look to this without any doubt in their mind that he is guilty and has shown no sign of sympathy on the behalf of his actions to what he has done to himself and what he has done to the community.

Her love, passion, was/is shown in everything that she did and said, even to this day.

So, dear justice system. Let me ask you this...

Who is punished for this event, -- the guilty, or the innocent?

Who will suffer most for the crime, -- the one who committed it, or the children who experience the loss of this person that held their hearts, memories, crying nights of nightmares, broken hearts, graduations, and so much more to be taken away in a mere second.

He had the choice to choose again, he had the chance to drop that gun, he could have listened to her and not destroy his life. He didn't, he choose to make a adult choice, he deiced to end the life of someone that will no longer get to share her memories and stories with her kids and grand-kids.

He made an adult choice, therefore he should be charged as an adult.... period.


He needs to be sentenced to first degree, even a 6 year old knows that shooting somebody and killing them is wrong. He knew full well what he was doing, as evident in his actions and how he carried those actions out. The victim and family of the victim are not getting justice, the prosecutor and those who dropped the ball need to resign or even be fired and disbarred as they are clearly inept and incapable of doing their jobs correctly.


I request that WMI send a reporter to make inquiries on this matter and publish the results. Perhaps we could get '60 Minutes' involved?

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