1. Wendy Rogers does not even live in Legislative District 6. Her “primary residence” is a large (2,916 sq. ft.) house in Tempe, and she listed that home as her primary residence in her past failed campaigns. In an attempt to appear legit, she obtained an old, tiny (588 sq. ft.) trailer home in Flagstaff, now listed as her primary residence, without evidence that she’s even spent a night there. Both tax and election law fraud.

2. When it was time to debate her opponent Felicia French at an NAU event, she simply didn’t show up. This has been her strategy in many of her last failed campaigns. Does she fear being discovered as crazy or ignorant?

3. Wendy admits to being a proud member of “Oath Keepers”, described by Wikipedia as an “extremist, anti-government militia”. This hate group is presently being monitored for anti-Semitic acts and domestic terrorism. These are not the values we hold in Arizona. Recently she compared herself to Wisconsin killer, Kyle Rittenhouse, as a misunderstood militant.

4. When Ms. Rogers ran against Republican Steve Smith in another of her failed campaigns, she accused him of working for a sex-trafficking ring. Mr. Smith was employed by the very legitimate Young Modeling Agency, collateral damage to Wendy’s outrageous and dishonest slurs. Her lies were so obvious that she was sued by the Young Modeling agency and condemned by virtually every prominent Republican for her “sleazy attacks.”

5. This year Wendy ran a slash and burn campaign against Sylvia Allen, who has actually resided in LD 6 for decades. She slandered and libeled Sylvia with a huge chunk of out-of-state, dark money, because Ms. Allen was “not conservative enough” for these authoritarian funders. Silvia Allen does know and understand LD 6 issues, but she was thrown under the bus by these out-of-state ultra-conservative power brokers.

6. Wendy Rogers is a dishonest person, who lacks values and ethics. Check out the business ratings for her home/termite inspection company, HouseMaster and the many sad stories of people who found termites or other disasters in their homes, after inspections from Wendy’s business. When they sought redress, HouseMasters would not respond. When they sought help from the BBB, they discovered that the BBB was unwilling to accredit this sleazy business. 11 of Wendy’s victims have gone on to sue her for her unethical practices.

7. Ms. Rogers has previously run for office five times in Arizona and has lost five times, with each of those campaigns. There are many reasons for all these prior loses and the reader now has seven reasons for her next loss in this election.

Robert Fern,

Show Low

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It's more of the same. This campaign has been thrown into the dumpster because of Wendy Roger's lies and smears. I'm so tired of this. We can discuss the issues. The real issues, like French's campaign has. Education, job creation (especially now), and ways to improve our health care. We need more honest politicians, not people who spread more misinformation from their homes out of district 6. Karen Taylor, Sedona

Independent Voter

I completely agree. Wendy Rogers does not have the character for the job. Her emails and mailings are shameful. Complete fabrications attacking her Felicia French on everything you could think of. Instead of campaigning on ideas and solutions Rogers is resorting to the dirtiest kind of negative campaigning. If that's all she's got, then Felicia French will prevail.


You are competely wrong on Wendy. She has served our country faithfully. She is committed to God Home and Country. Sadly they print distorted attacks such as yours

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