Is it really a question of everybody knowing somebody who died that will finally wake people up?

Some around here seem to think it’s all a hoax, a threat to their freedoms, or a conspiracy to unseat Donald Trump. There are over 13 million documented cases worldwide and 500,000 dead — that’s quite a coordinated sacrifice against one person.

“I’ll be fine,” some respond, “it’s just a bad flu.” It most certainly is not just a bad flu. It kills 50 times more often and, unlike the flu, it can lead to permanent complications, such as brain disorders, stroke, blood clots, gastrointestinal issues, intense fatigue, shortness of breath, damage to lungs, blood, kidneys and liver.

In one study: “91% of patients were not hospitalized, but suffered these side-effects despite their cases of Covid-19 qualifying as mild. While 85% of those patients considered themselves generally healthy before having Covid-19, only 6% still did so one month or more after getting the virus.”

But you’ll be fine. Well, maybe you will. Maybe you will unknowingly carry and spread the virus without experiencing any symptoms at all. But this isn’t about you. It’s about caring for others who may not be as healthy as you, caring for the community, and caring for the caregivers that will have to deal with the consequences of your selfishness.

You know how you can see your breath on a cold day? That’s the reason for the mask. It’s based on science and opinions to the contrary are propaganda. If you don’t like wearing a mask, you’re going to hate a ventilator, which is an incredibly painful treatment. It’s a tube jammed down your throat with an instrument that looks a lot like an ice axe.

They’re taking away your freedoms, you say?

What about:

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service

No Smoking

Wear a seat belt or get a ticket.

Drive drunk and go to jail.

Aren’t those taking away your freedoms? Why is taking personal responsibility such a bother now, as the world faces its worst pandemic in recent history? Not following the standard guidelines is like driving drunk on the wrong side of the road. You might kill somebody — you might not. But most people recognize the danger and follow the rules in order to keep themselves and others safe. It’s called being a responsible adult.

This virus has no politics, no religion, no qualms about anything but an easy target. It infects and kills at every opportunity. Stop giving it the opportunity. Wear the mask. Wash your hands. Social distance. Or there will soon be a body bag on your block, and my block, and everybody else’s.

Lorinda Paca,


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I think a lot of folks are getting frustrated with the lack of consistency in likely symptoms, how it can spread, and what to do to protect ones health. Our experience with Summit and their system has been pretty questionable IMO. We do have health insurance and Summit is our provider. The wife feels off with several of the symptoms. Days pass and not much changes. Call Summits 24/7 talk to the doc in the box and after the gal on the other end asks a couple questions she says call 911 NOW!!. For what? Call our Primary care office and talk to a person with little knowledge of covid. Best response after detailing some 5 of the symptoms is a continued, I think she'll be OK. I asked what test they would use if she was to be tested, he didn't know nor does he know how long the results would take to get back once tested. Seriously?


Lorinda, I sure like the way you put pen to paper!


LORINDA: Excellent.[thumbup][tongue]


Lorinda: Great letter[thumbup][thumbup]


It's the truth, but I fear the people she would like to have listen no longer have ears.

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