I must commend Ms. Baker on her editorial about "Nuts...". Modern standards for those with mental issues is therapy, medication, and 'mainstreaming'. Sadly, THIS DOES NOT WORK!

As has been documented, these folks feel much better while they take their meds. So, since they are not incarcerated to protect the rest of us, they stop taking the drugs. With some medications, a sudden stop brings on paranoia, for others it produces a tendency toward violence, the 'demons' of their prior illness return. Then these sick individuals act out on the public.

Sadly, the unintended consequence of watching social media for 'warning signs' is in the algorithms used. Thus, a simple message that 'The movie was a bomb!' can get reported as some form of threat. Worse, those who would write the algorithm can introduce their personal political beliefs — in effect allowing free speech to those whose views the writer favors, and denying it as hate speech from an opposing political side.

The proposed Red Flag laws are a direct perversion of our criminal justice system. Particularly the "ex parte" element, which allows someone to seek an order without any opportunity for the accused to confront his accuser - a bedrock of our legal system. This all sounds academic, until YOU are the accused, by nameless, faceless accusers forcing YOU to prove your innocence months, perhaps years later. Should YOU be deprived of your lawfully owned property and your civil rights by an unknown accuser, who may have motives other than the safety of the public?

A return to humane hospitals for the insane can save lives — those of the innocent public, as well as those of the mentally ill.

Seth R. Nadel

Apache County

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What is dangerous here is Seth's 12th century frame of mind. People with a mental illness are no more likely to be violent than anyone else. In fact, only 3-5% of violent acts in the U.S. are committed by mentally ill persons. To be sure, a tiny fraction of the population are criminally insane(Charlie Manson) and should be in secure mental facilities where they can receive treatment and be kept away from society(as he was). What is of more concern is the fact that since the 1980's federal funding for mental health programs has been laid bare and kept that way, with the result that over 50% of all mentally ill persons now receive no care at all. Under Medicare-for-all, every sick person would receive the care they need without regard to their ability to pay, and poor jurisdiction would be relieved of the immense cost burdens involved.

The Red Flag system does not infringe on anyone's rights. Seth is wrong to say that persons reported are the accused. Being mentally ill s not a crime and no one who is reported as potentially dangerous stands accused of anything wrong. Moreover, in the United States, we actually do have robust rights in this matter. Only those persons who are adjudicated as dangerously ill can be subjected to any confinement or treatment without their consent.

Lee Bertay

The Red Flag system WILL be vigorously used against gun owners, just like the "enhanced universal background checks" will promptly become the national gunowner database. All you need is for these power tools to fall into the toolbox of the next Dem administration. "Ice Cream-for-all":-D


Well said, Seth. I'd guess that the proposed 'red flag laws' already exist in some form but are ignored or unenforcible as well as ineffective. As will be any new ones. There are levels of insanity. Families dealing with children 'on the spectrum' may take offense at the term, but those dealing with a dangerous person under their roof know full well that they're dealing with a whole different level of mental illness.

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