The recent shooting in Odessa, Texas, makes you realize that people, especially young people, are unable to handle failure. This most recent shooter had lost his job. Why is this happening?

My opinion is that we don't allow people to fail anymore. I've had failure in my life, haven't you? If I struck out in baseball (as I did many times, because I hated it), I failed. If I got an "F" on a paper (which I never did) I would have gotten a bad report card and then my parents would have disciplined me. If I acted up, (which I never did, except when I rode my bicycle on the wrong street) I got punished.

Today everyone is so afraid of "hurting someones' self-esteem," that no one is allowed to fail. Everyone gets a trophy. As a result when failure strikes, people can't handle it. The gun was only the instrument used to vent his rage. He could have easily used his vehicle and created the same amount of "horror, death and destruction."

Wake up society! See what you've created!

Linda M. Gilbertson,


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Boy, Linda, did you ever nail that one!

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