Every story, at minimum has two versions/sides. A claim touching is only partial truth, is a Bolstered lie meant to deceive.

You’re all being hoodwinked! Coronavirus is just common-cold on steroids. No vaccine is possible (or a vaccine for the common-cold would have long ago existed).

To those idiots who smear those not wearing masks, I feel sorry for your submissiveness. If only you’d simply submit to the Creator, Yahweh Elo Him! We ARE in the “End Times.”

Mask won’t save you!

Daniel Rawlins, Snowflake

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Daniel Rawlins!!!! Where have you been? They let you out for some sunshine. How's the food there? Cannot wait for your next posting. From Mars maybe? Be safe my friend.


More proof that there just ain't no fixin' stupid.


Daniel: There are a few of us that believe that the end times mentioned in the Apocalypse of John has come and gone. It was when the Greco/Roman gods were replace by (molded into) Christianity.


Evolution at work!

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