I feel like with all the Medicare-for-all talk, we are forgetting the fact that the Affordable Care Act has done a lot of good in our healthcare system.

It has given us Medicaid expansion, more rural healthcare, and millions of people health insurance who previously did not have it. It has its problems, but moderate Democrats, including Senator Sinema, have introduced small measures that are helping improve the program.

Medicare-for-all is not realistic. The actual policy has several flaws, like reduced access to our doctors and higher taxes, but most importantly it has no chance of passing in this divisive Congress. Working on real solutions for the system that is here is what our leaders should be focusing on.

Joe Jackson,


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Please also remember that the "millions" who now have the insurance didn't want it in the first place. They were forced to take Obama care or pay a penalty. I hate when people say "Millions of people would lose health care if we repeal Obama care" when many of those millions did not want it in the first place!


In December 2017 the republican dominated congress passed the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act," which ended the tax penalty starting January 1,2019. Despite the fact that the tax penalty was eliminated, still 8.4 million americans voluntarily signed up in 2019 to buy health insurance through the Obamacare health insurance exchange. In addition, those currently covered between all coverage provisions under Obamacare include: 12.6 million people covered under Obamacare Medicaid Expansion; 2.6 million young adults staying on their parents health plans; 44 million Medicare recipients have free prostrate cancer and breast cancer screening coverage because of Obamacare. That makes a total of 67.6 millions of americans that are being helped by Obamacare. Compare that with how many americans are being helped with healthcare by all the republican bills over 10 years including the last one in which, republicans controlled both houses of congress and the presidency, "Trumpcare" and the answer is "zero" and their enrollment numbers is "zero." Moreover, the Obamacare private Health Insurance Exchange is similiar to Medicare's private health insurance program called Medicare Advantage Plans in which the government requires the Advantage plans to offer people quality healthcare plans equal to Original Medicare or better. The price of policys are set by the private insurance corporations as long as they don't discriminate or abuse consumers. Obamacare protects the consumers with the "10 essentials" which are required of the insurance corporations. Example: No denying health insurance because of pre-existing conditions.


Good on you, johndoe.


The ACA is a joke. Other than putting more poor people on Medicaid, at taxpayer expense, and insurance providers out of business, it was a bust.


Tired, Obamacare has provided the insurance providers with 8.4 million new policyholders. If and when you republicans do manage to do away with the ACA, you will be taking away 8.4 million customers away from the insurance providers in the Obamacare exchange. That Tired, will surely cause the insurance providers to go out of business. Tired, the republican healthcare plan of " If you get sick, Die," will not add any customers to the insurance providers.


Actually, the issue of not avoiding covering people with prior existing conditions was a huge plus for our country.


About 44 million people in this country have no health insurance(eight out of ten are workers or their dependents), and another 38 million have inadequate health insurance. The ACA cannot resolve this disgraceful status quo. It was a good first step, but must now be replaced with Medicare-for-all. That is why the current makeup of the government must change in order to make that possible. We can do that next year at the polls.


ACA was and is a joke. $15,000 deductible for a married couple made it worthless. When I was re-employed and didn't need it they automatically renewed it even though I took our names out and they continued to pay blue cross the premiums, I informed blue cross I didn't authorize the payments but they continued. A sham and government assisted transfer of wealth to big insurance companies.


Sounds like you chose to go with a high deductible health insurance policy $7,000 for you and $7,500 for your spouse. That was your choice that you made.


Correction: $7,500 for you and $7,500 for your spouse.


The ACA is a big pile of doo doo


The ACA opponents chiming in here (1) Don't understand how the ACA works, (2) don't understand how many people it has helped, and (3) have offered up diddly-squat for alternatives. They are simply mouthing the Republican (read: Fox "News") talking points. The Republicans have offered up *NO* plan to replace it, because they have none.


Exactly phxnative54!! The republican party should more accurately be called "the take away party." They want to take away the people's healthcare, they want to take away public education, they want to take away women's Constitutional Rights, they want to take away safety net programs to help the poor, they want to take away Medicare and Social Security from the elderly and ,disabled, They want to take away government regulations that protect our citizenry and our lands and our waters.


Yeah, the ACA was so wonderful, President Obama lied to us over 20 times about it prior to it's passage. Nancy Pelosi thought it was so good that she gave her supporters and wealthy political donors an exemption. One of the architects of Obamacare was so taken with the bill that he called every American voter stupid for allowing it to pass. The democrats were so proud of their bill that they gave republicans 24 hours to read it prior to putting it up for vote. It's a pig. It will always be a pig.


Here's a great idea for all those who hate the ACA. Since you all like Make America Great Again, let's go back to the early 50s where, if you showed up at the hospital without money or insurance, they would show you the door. I just love how all you trumpeters who scream about the Left and socialism have no problem getting pregnant and having AHCCCS/Medicare/ACA paying for your free 9 months of pregnancy and delivery in a nice clean hospital delivery room. You want to go back to the "good ol days"? That's just great. Go squat behind a rock to deliver your baby.


Sorry Kahuna. I grew up in Baltimore City back then. We had public funded (though not 100%) hospitals and charity hospitals and medical practices. Sadly as the tax system evolved and engorged itself on specific politicians personal ideas of what was good for the country's people, these dried up and blew away. I personally quit giving to specific charities when I was having trouble due to the cost of living outdistancing my income. Can't speak for others, but that was how it happened to me.

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