I am gravely concerned about the healthcare system in the United States and the direction that it is headed in. The current state of healthcare is abysmal: it is set up as a pay-to-live system. While emergency care is available to many, basic preventative medicine to avoid costly emergency procedures is often lacking or nonexistent. Proper healthcare should not only be accessible only to those who can pay for it.

Without the Affordable Care Act (ACA), I might not have had the opportunity to receive treatment for a condition called hydrocephalus: a fluid buildup in the brain that could have killed me an early age. It is absolutely unfathomable that any members of Congress would attempt to gut healthcare for millions of Americans without offering a better solution in the interim. Some suggest privatization, which would mean that millions of people would lose healthcare coverage.

While I believe that our healthcare needs work.

The current opioid crisis is so large of a problem that its tied to a life expectancy reversal for younger generations. In tackling these problems, I trust the Affordable Care Act and politicians like Congressman Tom O'Halleran, who adamantly supports it. It's not a perfect solution, but it's at least an improvement that likely saved my life.

Collin Gunn,


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ACA is garbage


The ACA may be garbage for those fortunate enough to have another coverage option they prefer. For millions of Americans, however, it is a vital lifeline until Medicare-for all can be established.


Medicare for all? You mean a government run, single payer health plan that would cost the taxpayers $28 trillion over the next decade? That plan?

Sorry no thanks. You libs want to destroy everything.


As you know, Russ, I have proposed an incremental plan for proceeding toward Medicare-for-all. It begins with simply lowering the minimum age for Medicare to 55 and then proceeds to incrementally lower deciles until everyone is covered. This will allow for a smooth transition by the gradual expansion of Medicare and also has the benefit of incorporating the oldest and sickest groups at the earliest stages of the expansion. Yes, Medicare-for-all is a government controlled plan but my version does not provide for single-payer for all health care. Private insurers and employer-provided insurance would still be in the mix because what I am proposing is entirely voluntary. I have suggested, however, that premiums, co-payments and caps be eliminated in favour of comprehensive coverage with no out-of-pocket expenses.

In an earlier posting, I identified funding in the amount of $5.1 trillions per year which amounts to $51 trillions over a decade and more than offsets the costs of Medicare expansion. Moreover, Russ, most of the funding I have identified comes not from new taxes but from a reallocation of spending priorities which minimize or eliminate the need for any new taxes. If the $21 trillion estimate is correct, than my proposal would incorporate Medicare-for-all in ten years with savings of nearly $30 trillions.

In my view, the provision for ready access to quality health care is a basic human right which has yet to be fully provided by any legislation thus far passed; although, Medicare and the ACA were good steps in that direction. If these are not plans you can accept, what is your plan?


What's really obvious is that republicans don't want the taxes paid by the american people to be used for healthcare for the same american people. In the ten years that republicans have been complaining about Obamacare, they have not submitted a worthwhile plan of their own, even when they controlled both houses of congress and the executive branch. Let's see Russ and the republicans come up with a healthcare plan that insures more than the 22 million people Obamacare did. Tell the truth Russ, you republicans don't want to see tax revenues used to help the same people those revenues came from.

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