My wife Jane Dee Hull and I are part-time residents in Pinetop. We are more than familiar with forest fires and the damage and costs they can cause. The Arizona Corporation Commission recently voted down a proposal to turn crowded trees into biomass and sell it to pay for the thinning.

Why did the ACC turn the proposal down? Because it might cost electrical ratepayers $1-$3 per month more. My question is, how much will insurance rates go up because of this dumb, uneducated decision was made?

The following members of the ACC who voted against the biomass proposal should be fired immediately: Bob Burns, Justin Olson and Sandra Kennedy. They are not smart enough to be in office.

Terence W. Hull, MD and Former Governor Jane Dee Hull,


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Because 1.2 million APS customers X $3/month X 12 months X 20 years equals 864 MILLION DOLLARS. With that kind of money we could change our outdated log export laws , create a logging infrastructure, create strand board factories, offer professional meat goat grazing contracts for the perpetual overgrowth of ponderosa saplings and buy ourselves our very own Supertanker for a mere $10 million. And, every summer we could have a meat goat festival with barbecues, petting zoos and lots of tourists that love shish-ka-bob sitting outside in the lovely fall weather watching the goats peacefully graze the hillsides while breathing clean air free of USFS smoke.

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